Chat: A&M boycott, commish, title race

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. It was a fun one. Here's the link to the full transcript.

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Time for a few highlights.

Daniel (Dodge City): What do you think of K-State this year? Is 8 or 9 wins just right or too much for them?

David Ubben: If I had to guess, I'd say nine wins, but I do that with a lot of reservation. I'm not quite sure what to think. I'm certainly skeptical of their ability to duplicate last year's results, but I'm also very leery of doubting a Bill Snyder team that brings back as much talent as this 2012 squad does. Not sure I have a great feel for the Cats this year.

Nick (Ames): Do you think AJ Klein and Jake Knott will translate to good NFL linebackers? How much harder is it to get recognized by nfl scouts at a school like Iowa State compared to a tradionally power football school like Texas?

David Ubben: These days, exposure isn't much of a problem. The only thing I question from those two is their speed and coverage ability. They're both sure tacklers and tough as nails. But is their athleticism up to par? I haven't talked to many scouts about them, but I'd like to get a sense of how NFL teams see them. Something for the future, I think.

Chris (Houston): What games does Texas lose this year? Why does Texas lose those games?

David Ubben: Oklahoma. West Virginia. Kansas State. Not enough offense in the first two. Kansas State's spell over the Longhorns in the third.

chris sunny south alabama [via mobile]: Hey Ubbs! I think the Texas Tech offense is going to be unstoppable this season. Neal Brown has added a few plays to the offense similar to the Oregon Ducks Offense. They are tryin to get the ball in the hands of the speedy guys like Ben McRoy and Jakeem Grant. Do you think this will make the offense better

David Ubben: I don't know about unstoppable, but I do like Tech's idea of using running backs like Oregon has used guys like DeAnthony Thomas. Those jet sweeps and shovels are really tough to defend when you get the ball to speedsters.

andy (texas): 2 years ago it was justin blackmon, last year it was collin klein, who's this years break out player on offense?

David Ubben: Nick Florence.

Chris (Dallas): David with the shift of power and the landscape in the conference, do you think it's safe to say that we wont see the same sort of dominance from the UT's and OU's of the world?

David Ubben: I'll be writing about that tomorrow. Stay tuned. It's a big, big day on the blog on Wednesday, actually. That's all I'll say for now.

Nemo Cowbell (Pasture, TX): Do you think Bob Bowlsby was the wisest choice for Big 12 Commissioner?

David Ubben: There's no way to know right now, but I like the move. He's proven himself in college athletics, though only John Swofford has a history as an AD among commissioners. He's a bright guy, but understanding the dynamics between schools might take a little bit of getting used to. Bringing in someone from the outside was the best move, but it's too early to get any real read on what will happen in his tenure.

Brent A. Carter (Victoria, TX): Do you agree with me that OSU is due for a massive letdown in 2012? They are a program that is barely .500 over the life of their program and I just believe in the law of averages.

David Ubben: No. 8-9 wins with upside for 10-11 wins.

Kenny Little Rock [via mobile]: Best special teams player in the conference? ,ost important?

David Ubben: 1) Quinn Sharp by a mile. 2) Quinn Sharp by a mile.

Devon Shes. (Austin, TX): What penalties are on the horizon for Vaccaro, Okafor and Matthews after this past arrest on 6th St.?

David Ubben: This deal sounds like a whole lot of nothing. Nothing worth legitimate punishment unless new information surfaces. Some extra running for letting it reach the point where cops had to be called, but take it and move on.

Ed (Houston): How long does the Big12 boycott last? Will Baylor break first? Is the money just too good?

David Ubben: Now this is a great, great question. Ultimately, I think the money will be too much. Texas isn't like Nebraska. They're too close to everyone. I'd say the scheduling boycott ends with an announcement in five years. Games in 7-8 years with somebody in the Big 12.

Rob (Boise, ID): Regarding an earlier question, what boycott are you talking about? I hadn't heard anything about any boycott surrounding the Big12. Maybe you could write an article about it.

David Ubben: It's not a "boycott" per se, but nobody from the Big 12 is real keen on scheduling A&M in football. That's basically what we're talking about.