Mapping out The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip

We finished our Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip: 2012 this week, and it's time to take a gander at how it shook out:

Some of you were, well, not happy about my weekly selections. Shocking, I know.

Josh in Goleta, Calif., writes: Dear Mr. Ubben,Your ultimate road trip is the ultimate joke. In 12 weeks you have listed 6 teams out of 10. Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Texas Tech were left out. How were these teams were left out thus far? I could think of at least 4 games that could be switched because of a better rivalry with the 4 teams left out. Your focus is just to narrow. Your blog is ok, but I'm not looking for a bandwagon blogger. You were all Oklahoma last year and this year your all Kansas State. Same old stuff. Very boring. Even the people commenting on the blog are getting boring their the same people. Your leadership is lacking, and I let ESPN know it in a similar e-mail to this one that I sent to the network. I'd suggest you begin to include the entire readership before you get s***-canned. Josh

Ouch. Well, Josh, I hate to break it to you, but we operate this blog like a meritocracy. I write about every team, but a visit to a game during the season?

You earn those by winning. My goal isn't to see every team. It's to see every game that's relevant in the Big 12 title race.

Here's how it shook out by team:

  • Kansas State (5) -- One home game, four road games

  • Oklahoma (6) -- Three home games, two road games, one neutral site

  • Oklahoma State (3) -- Two road games, one home game

  • Texas (4) -- Two road games, one home game, one neutral site

  • TCU (2) -- Two home games

  • West Virginia (4) -- Three home games, one road game

That's a pretty great season of Big 12 football. I took this trip week by week. I didn't start out at the beginning hoping to see this team X many times or this team X many times.

I want to see the best game in the Big 12 every week. This is what that schedule looks like. Want to change that between now and December? There's one solution, Big 12 teams.


What do you think about The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip?