Chat: FSU/Big 12, Snyder, top coaches

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Justin (Stillwater, OK): Any Big 12 coaches on the hot seat heading into next season? What about any assistant coaches who are due a head coaching gig?

David Ubben: No, not really. Texas Tech's Tommy Tuberville is the closest thing, but Tech should be better, and he's not legitimately on the hot seat yet. As for assistants, both of Texas' coordinators could have some opportunities at season's end. Those are the two most likely guys to move up in the near future. Josh Heupel at OU could get some attention, too.

Nemo Cowbell (Pasture, TX): The chatter about FSU coming to the Big 12 certain has picked up a lot of momentum lately, do you think there is any merit to it or is it a bunch of smoke?

David Ubben: No official talks yet, but it's pretty clear there's at least some interest on both sides. Only a matter of time before they at least discuss the possibility. Absolutely idiotic for both not to at some point. Then see where it goes.

Ken (Elkhorn, NE): David, it has been a long time since I have asked you a question, due to Nebraska heading off to the Big Ten. I definitely miss Nebraska being included in the blog. Anyway, why does the best quarterback in the history of the Big 12 (Tommie Frazier, for those unfortunate enough not to know who I'm talking about) keep getting snubbed by the HOF? What gives?

David Ubben: No idea. It's stupid. Frazier was a stud, and with apologies to one Timothy Tebow, maybe the best option quarterback ever.

TCU Fan (Lubbock, TX): Why do you think FSU is responding so publicly to this potential conference realigment, instead of playing it close to the vest the way we have seen A&M, Mizzou, TCU, the SEC, and the BE do it?It is strange to see so many high level admins at FSU (Board of Regent, President, Head Coach) carry on this public debate about a rumor that started on a internet message board.

David Ubben: Good points, TCU fan. This saga's played out quite a bit differently than the others. Mizzou had some folks comment, but nothing to this scale, especially this early in the process. It may speak to the illegitimacy of the whole deal.

Poke (Columbia): How much do the OU suspensions hurt them. Given OU's success post-Broyles, that has to hurt pretty badly. I think the top of the league just got more even, no?

David Ubben: It's not a death blow, but yeah, it evens things up a lot. The new receivers heading to Norman have a lot of pressure now. Bob Stoops has to be pretty frustrated. Jaz Reynolds can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Ike (PA): If FSU goes to Big 12, how do you rate the expansion scorecard:WVU, FSU, TCU vs. Neb, Colorado, A&M, Mizzou. Pretty tight

David Ubben: On the field, it's pretty close, Ike. I'd probably give the edge to the Big 12. FSU would help with the tradition and large fan base area, but the Big 12 still probably lost out on that one. A&M and Nebraska have enormous followings.

Max (Jacksonville, Fl): Im an FSU guy that is frustrated with the ACC. Started with the lame conference schedule and biased (in my opinion) officiating. So now Im excited with the possibility of joining the Big 12. I hear Texas controls the shots in the Big12.....my question: Take money from the equation, is it any better in the Big12?

David Ubben: First off, chill with the officiating. Spoiler alert: Every conference thinks their officiating is the worst. And I don't know a ton about the ACC dynamics, but if you feel the ACC is too NC-centric, I doubt you'd find the Big 12 any less Texas-centric.

Mean Green (Denton): With all the controversies this off season and all the suspensions taking place, do you think TCU acted too quickly in immediately expelling the four players involved in the scandal from the team? Should they have followed the path as everyone else and indefinitely suspend them and give em shot later in the fall?

David Ubben: No. Everyone else doesn't matter. TCU had players on its team with lots of evidence supporting the notion that they were drug dealers. That can't be tolerated or given a second chance. Good bye. TCU did what it had to do.

Jesse (Americaaa!) [via mobile]: Is Bill Sny the Football Guy the best coach in Big12 history, if not the NCAA? Some will argue titles make the coach, but if he had half the talent these other perrenial powers had... well, you catch my drift. Your thoughts?

David Ubben: That case is to be made. If you put any of the coaches some consider to be better than Snyder in his situation at K-State, how many of them could do what he did? Any of them? One of them?

Steven (H ): Been saying it all along, Tuberville needed two years. heck, Leach needed two years also before he got relevant w/TTU. This is Tub's breakout season, no doubt in my mind, and when it happens, all hail will break loose to you Mr Ub's

David Ubben: Probably, but Texas Tech fans already let loose a whole bunch on me when I picked them to finish sixth in the Big 12 South in 2010. Then they finished fifth. Whoops.

Josh (San Antonio): Best coach in the history of the Big 12?

David Ubben: Gotta be Stoops or Snyder. Stoops revived a floundering national power and has sustained it for more than a decade. Snyder did the impossible. Two different tasks. Two amazing feats.