Pelini: Bad weather not an excuse

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Nebraska's offense wasn't too imposing for the first three quarters of the Cornhuskers' game against Missouri last week.

The Cornhuskers were shut out through three quarters and appeared to be unable to score until they exploded for three touchdowns during a period of 3 minutes, 32 seconds early in the fourth quarter to cruise to a 27-12 victory.

One extenuating circumstance: the game was played in monsoon-like conditions that made moving the ball a hazard.

But even with those struggles, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini wasn't ready to use the conditions as an excuse.

"You have to look at everything and learn from what happened," Pelini said. "We might play in those conditions on Saturday. You don't know that. We've got to get better and we've got to fix the things that got to get fixed regardless of what the conditions are."

Before the late flurry, backup quarterback Cody Green was warming up on the sidelines apparently ready to enter the game. But Zac Lee fired two touchdown passes in succession to bounce back.

The Cornhuskers struggled for three quarters and trailed 12-0 in the rain. The Cornhuskers produced 154 yards during the final quarter.

Despite the fast finish, Pelini said his team still has much to improve, despite the victory.

"There's a lot there that we can get better from," Pelini said. "So we're not going to just ignore the things that went wrong because of the bad conditions. You can't do that. We're going to work to get them fixed and play better and execute better from start to finish."