Who's the Big 12's most beloved coach?

You guys have been breaking out some great emails this past week, including this one:

Boomer Red in Seattle wrote: Hey David, since you did the coaches you love to hate, how about doing a coaches you love to love? We should exclude the coach of team we support of course! (sorry Coach Stoops)My vote would go for Paul Rhoads. The enthusiasm that he shows when coaching and the emotion that he puts into the program comes out in how the Cyclones play. Also you can't forget the upsets! I love them! The youtube videos still make the hairs on my neck stand up.What do you think? I would like to know what other coaches are loved by fans of other teams.

Great idea, Boomer. For me, there's no doubt about it. Rhoads tops the list. For one, he's a straight shooter who easily ranks among the game's most honest coaches.

He tells it like it is.

But what do readers think?

Are you on board with Rhoads' passion and emotion, like his fistpump parade down the sidelines after beating a ranked Texas in Austin in 2010? His teary speech after the win over Oklahoma State in 2011 that offered up a nod to his original famed speech following the upset win over Nebraska in 2009.

What about Baylor's Art Briles? He's the only man who deserves a spot on the hated and loved coaches list. He's put Baylor in some much bigger britches these days, dropping some hilarious one-liners along the way and playing an amazingly fun brand of football. He's the real Big 12 champion when it comes to trick plays (ask Oklahoma and TCU), and made the Bears into a force in the Big 12.

What about the Big 12's silver fox, Bill Snyder? His coaching tree is astounding and includes Oklahoma's Bob Stoops, among lots of others. No coach in the Big 12 is more loved or respected among his peers. Does that carry over to the fans? Snyder's certainly the most awe-inspiring among this group. You could make a case for what he did at Kansas State as the greatest coaching job in college football history.

Are you more of a Mike Gundy fan? Gundy's moved on past his famed rant that was pretty polarizing for fans, and he became the first coach in a decade to end the Texas-Oklahoma dominance at the top of the Big 12. No coach and school are more loyal to one another, which inspires a lot of respect, too. Stillwater loves Gundy. Gundy loves Stillwater, and famously referred to his current job as his "New York Yankees" job. They made him the unheard of: a 23-year-old position coach in 1990 at a major program. He made them Big 12 champions for the first time ever.

What about the new wild card, Dana Holgorsen? Mike Leach is gone, but Holgorsen's the closest thing the Big 12 has these days. His Red Bull-chugging, carefree ways earned him lots of fans at Oklahoma State in 2010, and now he's back with a fun team to watch and a new Big 12 member everybody's excited to see.

So, let's vote. Who do you love to love?