Vote: Best individual Big 12 seasons ever

Earlier this week, I unveiled my list. But did I get it right? I also had a list of seasons that just missed the best ever.

For now, though, let's revisit that top five. I put Vince Young's 2005 season at the top, but does it belong there? He was the first player in NCAA history to throw for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards, and he capped it off with a national title.

In that national title game, he threw for 267 yards and ran for 200 yards to beat USC, a team considered one of the best ever before Young took it down.

But what about the House of Spears? Ndamukong Suh singlehandedly demolished Texas' offense in the 2009 Big 12 championship game, but was undone by a late field goal and a second added to the clock. Still, he collected just about every possible award for a defensive tackle, and crashed the Heisman ceremony despite being both a defender and an interior lineman. That's unbelievable.

Did Ricky deserve a spot at No. 1? Williams' career-long excellence culminated in a Heisman in 1998 and a 2,000-yard season, one of just eight players in college football history to top the mark. He also walked into the Sea of Red and continued Texas' inexplicable dominance over Nebraska, ending the Huskers' 47-game home winning streak. That's not very nice for the new conference mates. (I bet that relationship ended badly.)

All Sam Bradford did was quarterback the highest-scoring offense in the history of college football and throw for 50 touchdowns. Is that the best performance in Big 12 history? You could make the case. Do it by voting.

Adrian Peterson demolished the idea that a freshman couldn't be the best player in the country, even if he wasn't given a Heisman for his efforts. Along with Suh, he makes two players on this list completely robbed of a Heisman. Young was a third, but to a much lesser level. Was Peterson's first year the best in Big 12 history?

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