Is Oklahoma a national title contender?

Oklahoma is next on our list of the "20 teams who could win it all,"Insider and the Sooners look the part of a prohibitive Big 12 favorite. Why could the Sooners win it all?

Landry Jones is a big reason why, but can he put together 13 consecutive performances without slipping up in what will be a really tough schedule for the Sooners? Most importantly, can he develop chemistry with what will be a whole lot of new faces at receiver. Ryan Broyles' departure and a few suspensions left him with just Kenny Stills and a host of inexperience as targets.

You'll need Insider to see the full piece from SoonerNation's Jake Trotter, but I could definitely see Oklahoma winning a national title in 2012.

Last year's team probably had more raw talent, as did the 2009 team, but this year's team isn't nearly as burdened by expectation. I've mentioned it a few times, but I see that as a big plus for these Sooners. They're good enough to win it all. No question about it.

However, no one expects them to do it. That's a very dangerous combination, and one the Big 12 could encounter for the duration of the Sooners' nine-game conference schedule.

That schedule might keep the Sooners out of it, but if OU wants the title, it will have to earn it late in the season. Trips to West Virginia and TCU are on tap for two of the final three games of the Sooners' schedule, along with a home date against rival Oklahoma State, which embarrassed the Sooners in 2011.

Can Oklahoma win a national title? Well, that's what we play the games for, folks.