Former Big 12 commish Dan Beebe: Found

New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby began his first official day of work on Monday, but it's been a long time since anyone's heard from the man who last held the job on an official basis.

Dan Beebe was fired last fall and replaced by Chuck Neinas, who never considered himself much more than a temporary solution.

The Wall Street Journal offered an update on Beebe's whereabouts.

He's launched his own company, BMT Risk Management, to help athletic departments and pro teams handle scandals like NCAA violations and sexual harassment claims.

BMT Risk Management—named for Beebe, lawyer Mike McCall and consultant Mark Thompson—will assess risk, train employees in handling it and facilitate reporting of wrongdoing. Beebe and McCall were in New York last week talking to the Jets and Yankees about providing services, and they have contacted 17 universities. BMT already is working with the Houston Texans.

Universities' inclination to handle legal issues internally can be as perilous as auditing oneself financially, said Beebe, a former NCAA investigator perhaps best known as a casualty of conference realignment.

Sounds like an interesting venture. What are the odds a school like Nebraska or Texas A&M employs Beebe's company in the event of a scandal? That'd be pretty humorous. Maybe more so if Oklahoma, who reportedly called for Beebe's ouster, employed his services.

Still, good to see Beebe find a place to utilize his talents next. There were rumors he could end up on the United States Olympic Committee, but if Beebe's gone out of his way to found his own company, it looks like he's at least passionate about it. Sounds like a good spot for him to get his career going again.