Geno Smith earns spot at Big 12's best QB?

The fans spoke and did so loudly in Friday's poll which asked, "who is the Big 12's best quarterback?"

West Virginia's Geno Smith trounced three-year starter Landry Jones, cashing in 66 percent of the vote to just 22 percent for Jones.

However, I heard from a few of you who were pretty fired up about the exclusion of one player in particular: Kansas State's Collin Klein.

It's been a few years since the Big 12's had a guy like Klein who was so effective and so productive while also being at best an average passer. By Big 12 standards, Klein is clearly below average. His 57 percent completion percentage tells us plenty. It was good enough for just eighth in the Big 12, four percentage points behind seventh-place finisher Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M in 2011.

There's no denying Klein's effectiveness, though, and several of you e-mailed (and tweeted) to note that it was Klein reaching the Big 12 record books last year, not Jones or Smith.

Well said, I admit.

Clearly, when I set the poll, I was thinking "quarterback" as the same term as "passer." Last season, Klein reminded us that one can succeed at the former while not being the best at the latter.

So, did he deserve a spot in the poll? He's got one now.

Will Smith reclaim his spot as the Big 12's best? Or will Klein make it clear that the race for the league's top quarterback is a three-man race to begin the season?

Vote in our poll.