Today's the day, video game fans

The college football season is still painfully far away, but for fans with an affinity for video games, today's a mini version of Christmas.

EA Sports' "NCAA Football 13" arrives in stores today, and it's the obvious must-have for any fan. I've bought the game on release day (or at midnight) every year but one since Chris Weinke graced the cover in 2002.

Every year, there's a new hook on the game, and this year, it's the ability to put Heisman winners from the past on any current team you want. You've probably seen the humorous ads previewing the game with Eddie George in a Michigan jersey, Baylor's RG3 wearing TCU purple or LSU purple and gold or Tim Tebow rocking a Georgia uniform.

Colleague Jon Robinson took one Big 12 (or Big 8, whatever) legend for a spin in some new digs. Cover boy Barry Sanders signed up to form the first father-son backfield duo at Stanford, where Barry Sanders Jr. signed to play last February.

How'd it go?

Funny thing is when you pick Sanders as your player, you're shown a video of him talking about which schools he would like to play for and, what do you know, Stanford is his top choice. He talks about how they're old school in the way they like to run the ball, and he could see himself playing in their offense. And it doesn’t hurt when you can split carries with Junior.

The statistical goals of matching the real Barry are a bit daunting, however. My targets are 2,628 rushing yards, 39 rushing touchdowns, five rushing touchdowns in a single game and 332 rushing yards in a single game. Each goal completed boosts my chance at winning the Heisman. I just hope my Stanford offensive line is up to the challenge.

Check out the full post to see more. Then go buy the game. You'll be pleased.