Mailbag: More on program's best coaches

Sometimes, e-mails from you all deserve their own posts.

This is one of those e-mails. We took a look at what each program in the Big 12 would look like without the program's winningest coach this week, but Cal in Chelsea, Okla. was left clamoring for more. He writes:

Expanding on your Programs Without Winningest Coaches article, I think it would be great to see the winning percentages of each team vs. the winning percentages of their coach.

Great idea, Cal. We provided the total wins with and without each coach, but how do the win percentages compare? Here's that ranking of which current coaches are above the line currently.

1. Gary Patterson, TCU (+.25)

  • Patterson is 109-30, for a win percentage of .784. That's .25 higher than TCU's all-time percentage of .534. However, it's also important to take into account Patterson's competition (Mountain West) vs. past TCU coaches (Southwest Conference). To me, that's what makes what Bill Snyder's done (as well as its longer sustained success) more impressive. Still, though.

2. Bill Snyder, Kansas State (+.217)

  • Snyder is 159-83-1 at Kansas State for a win percentage of .656. That's .217 higher than K-State's all-time winning percentage of .439. Crazy.

3. Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia (+.168)

  • Holgorsen is 10-3 at West Virginia, a win percentage of .769. That's .168 higher than WVU's percentage of .601 all-time. However, he's done it for only one season.

4. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State (+.16)

  • Gundy is 59-30 all-time for a win percentage of .663. That's .160 higher than Oklahoma State's all-time win percentage of .503. Gundy's three wins from being the winningest coach in school history, and he's taken the Cowboys to new heights.

5. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma (+.085)

  • Stoops is 139-34 at Oklahoma for a win percentage of .803. That's .085 higher than Oklahoma's all-time win percentage of .718. The bar is really, really high, and Stoops is clearing it.

6. Mack Brown, Texas (+.067)

  • Brown is 141-39 at Texas for a win percentage of .783. That's .067 higher than Texas' all-time percentage of .716. Like Stoops, Brown is excelling even for a place known for excellence.

7. Paul Rhoads, Iowa State (+.016)

  • Rhoads is 18-20 for a win percentage of .474. That's .016 higher than Iowa State's all-time winning percentage of .458.

8. Art Briles, Baylor (+.003)

  • Briles is 25-25 for a win percentage of .500. That's .003 higher than Baylor's all-time winning percentage of .497.

9. Charlie Weis, Kansas (+.000)

  • Weis hasn't coached his first game at Kansas, but the Jayhawks have won 50.5 percent of their games all-time. The bar is set.

10. Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech (-.042)

  • Tuberville is 13-12 at Texas Tech for a win percentage of .520. That's .042 below Texas Tech's winning percentage of .562. He's the only coach on our list to have a worse win percentage than his program all-time.

Interesting numbers, and proof that we're in a very good era for the Big 12. Only one coach isn't above the curve for his program? Amazing. What else stuck out to you?