Mailbag: Snyder film, QB race, RG3 '12

Thanks for all the emails this week, and for putting up with my absence on Thursday. All the birthday wishes from you guys and gals were much appreciated. Here's where you can reach me if you've got more to say.

Truth be told, a weak set of mailbag questions this time around. Are the summer doldrums catching up with y'all? Step it up, folks.

Stefan F. in Waco, Texas, writes: If RG3 had stayed another year, how many more wins do you think Baylor would have got this year?

David Ubben: Interesting question. Considering we haven't seen Baylor's 2012 squad play just yet, it might be easier to compare the Bears to the 2011 team. Losing Kendall Wright and Terrance Ganaway is big, but the bigger problem is a very deep Big 12 that should be even better in 2012 than in 2011. My guess is Baylor would stay at 9-10 wins in 2012 with RG3. This season, I've got Baylor slotted for 6-7 wins.

So, in short, I'd give RG3 the worth of about three additional wins for Baylor this season.

Brad in Madison, Wisc., writes: D.U., love the blog! Which Big 12 QB (if named their team's respective starter going in to Week 1) will have the best statistical year in 2012: Casey Pachall? Seth Doege? Nick Florence?

DU: Interesting question. I'll probably go with Doege, talking strictly stats. He'll have the most pass attempts by far, and Pachall will have the fewest. Doege will be chucking it quite a bit, and his receivers should be healthy this season. I'd expect him to clear 4,000 yards much more easily this season. I expect Florence to do the same, but I doubt Pachall will do so.

As for wins: I'll take Pachall with a couple more than Baylor and Tech, who will be really, really close. That race will come down to their game at Cowboys Stadium this season. Both will hover around seven wins.

Chris Cantrell in Savannah, Ga., writes: When is Bill Snyder getting his 30 for 30? He is in one of the all time greats as far as coaches go, so when should we be expecting to tune in to watch?

DU: I'd love to see that, but good luck getting Snyder to sit down for it. Even if he did, I don't know that he'll be very forthcoming or very entertaining. That's not exactly Snyder's forte. Winning is his forte. That said, if he did a movie like that after he retired, discussing how he turned around Kansas State in the early 90s after taking the job? That would be an absolute must see.

I guarantee it'd be awesome, awesome stuff that everybody would enjoy. Coaching the way it's meant to be done.

TX Longhorn Phan in Anytown, Texas, writes: Come on Ubbs, when do weeks 8 & 9 come out?

DU: In time, everybody. In time. We were a little busy this week with our coaching package. We'll get to the rest of the season very soon. Stay tuned.

Kelly Riley in Fort Worth, Texas, writes: David, Will Nebraska transfer, Aaron Green, be eligible to play for the Horned Frogs this fall?

DU: Sorry to disappoint, Kelly, but he won't be eligible this season. It doesn't sound like TCU is going to appeal, either. There's no need for him this season. Even with the loss of Ed Wesley, the Frogs will be fine. Waymon James and Matthew Tucker have a case as the league's best backfield duo, along with Texas and Oklahoma State.

They're going to need Green next season, and it's a huge pickup. Not having him this season is better, especially considering he won't have time to go through the spring. It's the same type of deal we saw last season. Baylor fans were a little mad when Lache Seastrunk couldn't play after transferring from Oregon, but he's going to be a lot better this season after a year in the system than he would have been last season, especially without much practice.

TCU's better off for it, just like Baylor was.

Jason in Little Rock, Ark., writes: Hey Ubbs, I really enjoyed the Daily Oklahoman's simulation of Oklahoma State's virtual season on NCAA '13, even though it was brutal. But Lunt is a 68 and Gilbert is an 89 speed?? Come on.Since you are a big fan of the game, I was wondering if you could comment or do a post on your impression of team/player ratings from the Big 12.

DU: I haven't really been playing with very many teams, and I've been a little busy this week, but I heard about the Lunt/Gilbert deal with OSU. The Gilbert 89 speed is ludicrous. He might not be the fastest guy in the league, but he's definitely up there. Anything less than a 97 is an insult.

Jason in Memphis, Tenn., writes: Is Texas Tech the Big 12's biggest question mark team this year? I have seen them be projected to win anywhere between 4 and 9 games, both of which seem very possible. It all comes down to whether or not the defense can improve enough to give the offense a chance.

DU: They probably are in my book. The Red Raiders or Kansas State. It's not outside the realm of possibility for Tech to win 4-9 games, but I'm firmly in the middle of that, probably about seven games. I don't think it's as much about the defense, though. Tech probably would have been a 7-8 win team last season if it had stayed healthy. The defense was completely depleted, and the loss of Eric Stephens hurt more than anyone realized. Doege tried to hold it together, but he wasn't enough without a running game, and with a banged up set of targets in the passing game.

Tech's got a really wide variance of possibilities this season, and yes, the defense needs to get better, but the biggest question is whether or not it can stay healthy.