Making, grading some Red River trades

Today, the boys at SoonerNation and HornsNation wrapped up their week of "Red River in July" with a fun project. They got in touch with each other and hammered out a few trades. When they were finished, they called on yours truly to offer up grades, and, well, it wasn't pretty for the Sooners.

The boys in crimson and cream got hustled by those burnt orange charlatans, and I had to break the news to them. It probably cost them the Big 12 title.

Here's the full post, and you can see them reason out the trades, but here's how I graded them:

QB Blake Bell for DE Alex Okafor: I gave the Sooners a C- for this one, and Texas an A+.

Ouch, Sooners. Texas gets the way better end of this deal. When it comes to arms, Drew Allen and Bell are basically a push. If you'd offered Allen, Texas would have accepted, but the Sooners still would have had the Belldozer and a solid backup in their back pocket. If Landry Jones is healthy, though, Allen doesn't really offer the Sooners much help.

If you're going to give up that much, I might honestly take Jackson Jeffcoat over Okafor. Jeffcoat is more explosive, and has a much bigger upside. They're mostly interchangeable, though, and the upgrade at QB is huge for Texas. David King and R.J. Washington might end up being OK, and getting a great DE is nice, but not a game changer like a QB is for Texas. Oklahoma's defensive line isn't as scary as it was last year. What happens if Okafor just gets double-teamed all day? He's not going to tear up tons of double teams, and Texas' defensive line would be a wrecking ball much stronger than what Oklahoma could do if Okafor was attracting tons of attention.

Oklahoma OG Tyler Evans and TE Sam Grant for Texas TE D.J. Grant: I gave Texas a B+ for this one and Oklahoma a B-.

This one mostly feels like you're both spinning your wheels a little bit. Grant's experience is nice, but he's hardly a guy who's going to provide a huge upgrade at tight end for the Sooners, who brought in a lot of talent at the position, even if they can't duplicate experience. Grant had a huge game against UCLA (read that phrase again), but where was he the rest of the season? He was a non-factor all too often to focus on bringing him in to take OU to the next level. Additionally, Grant missed the 2009 and 2010 seasons with knee injuries. You feel comfortable that he'll be healthy for all of 2012?

OU has more guards ready to go. Texas has more tight ends ready to go. Texas breaks the tie by getting a better, more experienced player in Evans.

What trades would you like to see? And how would you grade Texas and Oklahoma in the trades we've already sent along the wire?