Tech's Torres back on track after injury

DALLAS -- Texas Tech didn't need any more injuries, but it suffered two big ones in a loss to Missouri in mid-November when receiver Alex Torres and running back DeAndre Washington tore ligaments in their knees and were out for the rest of the season.

The loss to Mizzou cost the Red Raiders a bowl bid and meant long roads back for Washington and Torres.

After eight months of rehab, those roads are nearing an end.

"He's recuperated. He still has a little limp in his run," Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said of Torres. "He'll be ready to go. Whether he's going to be 100 percent, probably not at the beginning. But he's been cutting and running, probably a little bit longer than the other guys with knee injuries. I think we had eight knee surgeries last year, and he's probably in the middle of the pack of being able to be closer to 100 percent than some of the other guys are."

Washington is one of those other guys, and Tuberville says he's "recovering pretty good," but he'll have to earn a spot on the field ahead of SaDale Foster, who emerged as a big threat in the spring.

Torres won't have to do quite as much, especially because fellow receiver Darrin Moore's status is "in limbo" following a drunken-driving arrest this offseason, Tuberville said.

"Really, he was our most productive wide receiver," Tuberville said, citing Torres' game against Oklahoma with three touchdown catches and 94 yards to lead the Red Raiders to an upset of the then-No. 1 Sooners.