Big 12 contenders' biggest weaknesses

Colleague Travis Haney was on hand at Big 12 Media Days, but has a column this week looking at the league's top contenders' Achilles' heels.

If something's going to stop them from winning it all, what'll it be? I'd basically agree with all of them. Check out the full post to see his thoughts.Insider

Texas? It's those quarterbacks, who threw too many interceptions last year.

Case McCoy actually didn't throw a pick until the season finale, but once he did, they came in bunches. He tossed four against Baylor on the final weekend, and added a fumble on a mishandled snap. Ash, though, was plagued by decision-making problems that put a stout defense in poor situations all too often. He also fumbled four times.

They say if you can play defense and run the ball, you're going to have success. West Virginia's had success, but hasn't been stellar at either. It's continual regression in the running game could post problems for the Mountaineers, writes Haney.

Oklahoma's problem last year was obvious, and anyone who watched the loss to Baylor and Texas Tech saw it. Big plays through the air. Mike Stoops will have to fix it, but even though safety Javon Harris re-emerged this spring to take back the starting spot he surrendered last season, he's got to prove he can plug the holes in the back end of the defense.

Handling a physical Big 12 could be a problem for TCU, who could far too often roll over outmanned opponents in the Mountain West. Can K-State make its offense truly two-dimensional?

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