Wes Lunt won't be OSU's only QB

DALLAS -- True freshman Wes Lunt won the starting quarterback job at Oklahoma State this spring, but it sounds like he won't be the only quarterback who gets playing time this fall.

"There’s always discussions on trying to get any player involved in our team on offense or defense that can help us win or deserves it,” coach Mike Gundy said.

That's good news for redshirt freshman J.W. Walsh, a dual-threat quarterback from Denton, Texas, who narrowly missed out on the job Lunt won this spring.

"We've got a freshman who's got a ton of ability that didn't get named the starter that brings a different aspect to the table, his strengths," Gundy said. "We would love to find ways to get him involved, and ultimately, I think we will."

Look for Walsh to find some time in a Wildcat-like package, but the redshirt freshman is more than able to throw the ball, too. I saw that up close in my visit to Stillwater this spring, which left me believing Walsh would emerge as the team's starter.

However, don't look for Clint Chelf to see much time, barring injury. This, despite Gundy making it clear that "we may have the most knowledgeable and experienced third-team QB in the league." Chelf is mobile, but mostly a pocket passer. Unless Lunt brings in an avalanche of turnovers or is injured, it's hard to see Chelf earning playing time.