Intrigue at the Texas quarterback spot?

Mack Brown joked at last week's Big 12 media days that everyone "knew" his quarterback would be David Ash, but he hadn't made up his mind.

Somewhat convincing insistence aside, the job still looked to be Ash's. Could an equalizer have happened, though? Maybe.

From HornsNation:

Texas quarterback David Ash suffered a strained hamstring and is day-to-day, a source inside the program told ESPN's HornsNation.

Texas players are not scheduled to report until Aug. 5. While the hamstring might limit Ash's production at the start of camp, he is not expected to be limited as Texas progresses through the four weeks of camp.

It's reportedly not a major issue, but it's still an issue, and competition aside, it's not a good sign for Ash's development. Texas needs him to show big improvement, and it needs that injury to truly be a minor issue.

Also eye-opening was a quote from Brown at media days, considering the post-media days news. How does he know his quarterbacks will eventually separate and ultimately decide for themselves who will start?

"I've got 37 years that says it will probably happen, one way or the other," Brown said. "And usually the players will choose them for you if not. You bring in key players and ask what they think.

"But usually somebody will tweak an ankle or somebody will have a sore shoulder, and it may not just be by performance that it separates. If it doesn't separate, you choose one to start the game. If he doesn't play well, you put the other one in."

Awkward much?

You'd be hard-pressed to find many folks outside the program who truly believe Case McCoy could be the starter barring a major development, but you never know with hamstring injuries. It doesn't sound like a concerning injury now, but what if Ash tweaks it in fall camp and that changes.

All of a sudden, McCoy may be a serious factor in this race.

Very interesting development in advance of Texas' camp. Stay tuned.