Texas renewing its Thanksgiving rivalry?

Texas and TCU are playing on Thanksgiving Day this year, and colleague Ivan Maisel has to wonder: Are we going to see a rivalry born out of this matchup?

Texas refused to continue to play Texas A&M, it’s Thanksgiving Night rival, when the Aggies bolted for the SEC. TCU, a new member of the Big 12, and Texas once enjoyed a fierce rivalry. In 1959 and again in 1961, the Horned Frogs knocked off the highly ranked Longhorns and eliminated them from the national title race. Let’s hope both sides have a long memory.

Interesting stuff as always from Maisel, ESPN.com's resident walking college football encyclopedia. It'll be a fun matchup in a fun time slot, and I'm excited to see it, but it's going to be hard to see anybody play on Thanksgiving without getting a little wistful.

Texas A&M may try to play a game on Thanksgiving in the future, but if it wants a rivalry game against SEC West opponent LSU, that would shake up LSU's season-ending rivalry with Arkansas for The Boot, traditionally played on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Still, back in Texas, I agree that TCU and Texas could be a great rivalry.

It's just not Texas-Texas A&M.

The more reminders we get of that, the sadder it is. My preference? Leave Thanksgiving alone, Longhorns. Let it be, and if the Longhorns' real in-state rivalry is ever renewed, move it back to Turkey Day.