Texas ready to take the SEC approach

ESPN The Magazine's college football preview is all about the SEC, including the Big 12's effort to take down the league with six consecutive national titles.

LaRue Cook focused on Texas, who's looking more and more like an SEC team these days.

A power running game that's not reliant on the play of its quarterback, and a defense loaded with future pros and playmakers.

"After 5-7, I felt like I'd let everybody down," says Brown, who hadn't won fewer than nine games in a season since he took over. "I had to make a hard decision: Is it good for Texas for me to go on? I knew it would take a lot of work and time to get this program back." At 59, he contemplated retirement. But as arguably the most successful coach in UT history, he couldn't bear to end a legacy that way. Instead, he kept that BCS title loss to Alabama in the back of his mind -- namely, how the Longhorns' game plan was rendered useless when quarterback Colt McCoy went down with a shoulder injury in the first quarter -- and set out to hire assistants who could create a group of 21 that didn't rely on an improvisational Vince Young or a thoroughbred dropback passer like McCoy.

"I look at the SEC and recognize that's how they've won," says Brown. "At Texas, you don't want to lose a game just because your QB is having a bad day. That's why I hired three SEC coaches."

Great stuff on the Horns from Cook. Check it out.