Chat: Top coach/offense, 2012, WVU/TCU

Thanks for all the questions in today's chat. Here's the full transcript. Have more to say? You can reach me here. Now, time for some highlights.

Cappy (Boston): Dave- Team with the biggest step forward in the Big 12 this year? Biggest step backward?

David Ubben: Biggest step forward: Texas. Biggest step backward? Baylor. I still think the Bears will be in a bowl, but 6-7 wins is my expectation. That's a far cry from a Heisman winner and a 10-win season.

Powdah (The Hill): Yo Ubbs, what's up with West Viginia's defense? Are they Baylor circa 2011, better, worse? Haven't really seen to much of the Eers, other than them showing up against Clemson. My gut tells me they'll be good, but their D will be the reason they drop 2/3 games, and don't get the title, in this offensively productive league. Thoughts?

David Ubben: Definitely better than Baylor last year, which is why I take them seriously as a Big 12 contender. Baylor was a very good team but I never thought they had a shot to win the league. WVU does. Its defense is going to give up a lot of points, but its offense is going to hang plenty, too. Probably enough to make the title race very interesting.

Dr. Moot Pointless (Norman): Love Landry. Love that arm. Don't love it when he decides to not play well. Which are the "hump games" that Landry will have to overcome in order to have a shot at the Heisman?

David Ubben: Has to beat Texas, play well and put up big numbers at WVU and close with a strong win at TCU. He'd do himself well if he played well and routed K-State at home early in the season, too.

Cole (Oskaloosa, Iowa): Ubben, I think most of your Iowa State football picks are reasonable, although I do think Iowa State will beat Baylor and Texas Tech at home. I think Jack Trice Stadium is tougher to play at now than what you're giving it credit for.

David Ubben: To some degree, I'd agree. ISU is a better team these days. Certainly one that must be respected. And the atmosphere in Jack Trice has been crazy. Just ask Iowa and Oklahoma State.

bit.cruncher (Knoxville): How much of a factor will the loss of Ben Habern and Tyler Evans on the Sooners O-line be over the course of the season?

David Ubben: Very, very big. The Sooners can handle it for now, but they're so thin on the line now. A couple injuries and it could get ugly on the line at OU.

Coach Young (Stillwater): I hear a lot of raggin' on my D, but giving up the fewest pts vs. both conference and top 25 teams last season has me feel really good about my 'Boys. When will the Longhorns quite spewing stats that they ran up against unranked cupcakes?

David Ubben: Fair points there from Stillwater. Texas' defense looked very average against OU and Baylor. Played OK against OSU but gave up some backbreakers. Meanwhile, OSU's defense just absolutely crushed Baylor and Oklahoma.

Shane (Dallas): What order do you see the leagues top 5 offenses falling into?

David Ubben: Guess off the top of my head: WVU, OU, OSU, Baylor, Tech. TCU right in the mix behind them.

Ryan (Dallas): After seeing Nebraska's "Disappointing?" season in the Big 10 Last year, how do you expect other Big 12 Turncoats to fair in other conferences?

David Ubben: Missouri will probably win 8-9 games. Maybe challenge for the East if it gets a couple good bounces. Texas A&M will probably be 6-6 or 7-5.

Brent (Oklahoma): David,How do you see Gundy and Monken including J. W. Walsh in the OSU O this year?

David Ubben: They'll bring him in some short-yardage situations and design some special packages that opposing defenses will have to prepare for. If I'm guessing, they don't use it much in the first few games, but debut it against Texas to keep the Horns D off balance.

Bob (somewhere in Texas): Ubbs, rank the top 5 coaches in the big 12.

David Ubben: In no particular order: Stoops, Snyder, Rhoads, Briles, Gundy

Tom (Iowa): Who has more rushing yards this season for isu James white or shontrell Johnson

David Ubben: Really tough call there. My gut says Johnson but my head says White. I want to see Johnson on the field before I really know what he can do. He's back, but is he really 100 percent, and is he the same player?

C (Houston): On your top 5 Big 12 coaches you left off Mack brown....intentional?

David Ubben: Sort of a "what have you done for me lately?" situation. Love what Brown's done over his career, but can you really put him in the top five if you want to talk about right now? After the past two years, no way.