Dallas v. New Orleans for Champions Bowl?

The Champions Bowl requested 10 cities bid to host the annual bowl game between the Big 12 and SEC beginning in January 2015, but it looks like two favorites have emerged.

From colleague Brett McMurphy:

Of those 10, only Arlington, New Orleans and Atlanta have decided to bid on the bowl, sources said. Phoenix and Tampa will not submit a bid, while Houston, Orlando, Nashville, San Antonio and Jacksonville have formally not made a decision yet.

Sources said most of the five "undecided" cities likely won't submit a bid because of the reality "that it's a two-horse race" between Arlington and New Orleans. Atlanta, which will submit a bid, is viewed as a long shot because it already hosts the SEC championship game.

That's welcome news for the Big 12, which would certainly love the game in its footprint. The Superdome and Cowboys Stadium made the most sense from the start, but I wouldn't be shocked if this story ends in the game rotating between the Big 12 and the SEC footprint.