Baylor travels the post-RG3 road back

Colleague Ivan Maisel wrote about Baylor's attempt to move on in the post-RG3 era in Waco for our college football preview.

Check out the full piece here.

Here's an excerpt:

With all due respect to the other upstarts of last year -- take a bow, Stanford and Oklahoma State; welcome back to the big time, Arkansas and Kansas State -- Baylor had a longer lease in the cellar than any of them.

Those four schools begin this season in the Top 25. Baylor does not, even as 16 starters return to a team that finished 10-3 last season, including a six-game winning streak to close the year. Briles and everyone else who believes in the green and gold are convinced that the success of 2011 is more than ephemeral.

"A lot of times in the football world, you live on faith and hope and belief," Briles said. "What a lot of people want to see are results, production and reality. What we've got now is results, production and reality."

Good stuff from Maisel, and we'll have more from Baylor in the weeks to come.