Former Big 12 QBs making impacts in NFL

The Miami Dolphins made it official on Monday afternoon: Former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill would be their new starting quarterback.

Tannehill was helped by having his old head coach, Mike Sherman, as his first offensive coordinator. It's still a huge move for the Dolphins, who have never thrown a rookie quarterback out to start in Week 1.

Looking elsewhere, Tannehill gives the Big 12 three rookie starters in the NFL to begin this season. That's pretty unbelievable.

Baylor's Robert Griffin III is the Washington Redskins' starter, and Brandon Weeden was officially designated as the Cleveland Browns' starter, ahead of former Texas star Colt McCoy.

RG3 and Weeden were drafted with the intention to start, but Tannehill is the first rookie to truly win a job.

None of the three have done anything on the field yet, but don't act like winning an NFL job is a small accomplishment either. There are only 32 of those in the world, and three of them were playing in the Big 12 less than a year ago.

Tannehill's questionable decision-making and poise last season suggests he'd be best served with a couple years on the bench, but he's shown coaches enough to give him the ball instead of a clipboard and a headset.

Along with it, the Big 12 gets an impressive point of pride entering the fall of 2012.