Chat: OU/UT chances, top newcomer, WVU

Thanks for coming to today's chat, those of you who showed. It was a good crowd and a fun chat. Here's the full transcript.

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Now, time for some highlights:

Craig (Ames): With Jantz at quarterback, do you think that the Cyclones are any more or less likely to win 6 games this year?

David Ubben: No, not particularly. It's about the same. He and Jared Barnett are both really, really close. The biggest thing for Jantz has to be turnovers. He threw 11 picks in just over six games. He can't do that anymore. I loved his poise in the fourth quarter of games early last season, but Iowa State doesn't have a very explosive offense. Every possession needs to be taken advantage of. I'm sure he knows that, too.

Jswaggert (Laguna Beach): Dubbs... A lot of talk about Landry Jones being under appreciated by Sooner fans. It seems his quite, reserved demeanor is keeping him him in background, not only in the eyes of the fans, but the national media as well. Interesting to hear your thoughts on this?

David Ubben: It's an interesting dichotomy for sure. I talked about this a little bit today, but you can see it on the blog tomorrow. He's not a real compelling personality, but he's one of the most compelling storylines of the entire season this year. He could win the Heisman and have an undefeated team. He could also have like, 25 TDs, 15 INTs and an eight-win team. I'm excited to see which it is. He's a really meek guy, and that's earned him some respect on this team over time. He's matured into a leader who only speaks when he needs to. Guys listen.

Cliff Angel (Dallas): Is OU going to be able to overcome all the injuries and suspension and people leaving this year to make a run for the championship?

David Ubben: National title, I don't believe so. Big 12 title, yes. The Sooners are a very, very narrow favorite, but favorites none the less. The problem is there are six contenders who could all win it. Think of it like a golf tournament. This league has the Sooners at like -7, and five other teams at -4 or lower. They've got to be great or somebody's going to step up and beat them. This league is too deep and too many teams will be in contention.

Bill (West Virginia): Do you think the Big 12 Teams are excited to play in a different venue like the mountains of West Virginia? How many games do you think you will cover here? Thanks for the good coverage.

David Ubben: I think so. It'll be fun. The travel won't be the easiest, but it won't be a major issue. I think the fans are more excited than the teams. It's new blood and a new city to explore. I loved my time there this spring. I'm sure I'll be back this fall, as long as WVU holds up their end of the deal. All that means is win.

Pfc Miller (Baghdad, Iraq): Ubbie, How can there be so much talk about OU winning the conference? Texas has the deeper defense and hasn't endured all of the preseason losses (injuries/suspensions). Is there something that I'm missing here?

David Ubben: It's all about the quarterbacks, baby. If Texas had a good one, there's no doubt the Longhorns would be the Big 12 favorite in my mind. They don't have a good one, and my position rankings made it clear: Texas has the worst QB situation of anybody in the league. You can't ignore that, and it knocks UT down from a national title contender to a dark horse in the Big 12 title chase. Probably a nine-win team. OU, meanwhile, has Landry Jones. He's got his faults, but he's a big-time player.

John (Midland): Is LaDarius Brown (TCU) in your top three for Big 12 Newcomer of the Year?

David Ubben: Nope. I'd probably go with Trey Metoyer at OU, Wes Lunt or Blake Jackson at Oklahoma State and Brandon Moore at Texas ahead of him. Not a lot of opportunity for Brown to make nearly as big of an impact at TCU than the other three. TCU doesn't really need him right now, even though he sounds like a great player. His time is coming.

withrowsp (West Virginia): Another thing Jason Sehorn declared is that the Big 12 is the 4th or 5th best conference in college football. I call shenanigans on that and I think he is way off base. What say you Ubben?

David Ubben: Shenanigans. Big 12 will probably be behind the SEC this year when it's all said and done, but it's silly to suggest it's behind the Big Ten or Pac-12 this year. This league's depth is ridiculous.

withrowsp (West Virginia): Lets pretend for a moment that you are a CB in the Big 12. Which opposing WR would make you most nervous in man coverage?

David Ubben: Tavon Austin, easily. He plays bigger than his size, and he's so shifty. He's going to get open on you. That's why I probably would have picked Ryan Broyles last year ahead of Justin Blackmon on this question. You can cover Blackmon, but he's just going to make a play over you or beat you by a step. Broyles might run a route and leave you in a different zip code altogether. That's embarrassing. Austin can do a lot of the same.