Who will transform tomorrow: Week 2

First, I've got some bad news for you, Oklahoma State fans. The perfection is over.

Saturday night, Wes Lunt will throw an incompletion. Probably a lot more than just one.

That's OK, though. This week, he's my pick to be the Big 12 player that transforms. Anybody had to be equal parts impressed and skeptical about Lunt's performance last week. The true freshman completed all 11 passes, but most were short routes to wide open receivers.

His best throw of the day was a deep ball down the middle, completed for a 42-yard gain.

This week, we're going to see what Lunt can really do against real competition, and fans of good quarterback play will like what they see.

We didn't see much from the 6-foot-4, 211-pound 18-year-old but we saw enough to know he can put the ball where it needs to be consistently. That's worth something.

No, we haven't seen him under pressure or on the run, and he may make a mistake or two in those situations. Ultimately, though, we'll see a lot more than good when Lunt goes on the road to face Arizona.

Lunt is ready, and his time came maybe even sooner than he thought it would. That time will be fine, because of what's around Lunt. It's going to be much easier with a solid offensive line and a pair of experienced backs.

His receivers still have a little to prove, but they've shown enough as understudies behind Justin Blackmon and Josh Cooper to believe Lunt will have plenty of targets.

This is the same Oklahoma State team that's won 10 of its last 12 games on the road. Nothing anyone sees on Saturday night will surprise them, and that confidence will carry over to Lunt.

"I don't know how he will handle being on the road. That is something that until you go and do it, you don't know," Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken told reporters this week. "You prepare and try to convince him it will be the same thing. You don't have the crowd to pick you up. Your preparation is different. Where you stay is different. Hopefully he will be fine."

No worries. He will.