Big 12 game picks rewind: Week 2

In this space each week, we'll rehash the last week of game predictions. It could be ugly some weeks, others could be quite sweet on my end.

Either way, we'll examine the carnage every week. This week, it was more the former.

Here's how I did in Week 2:

Record: 5-3

My pick: Kansas State 27, Miami 20

Actual score: Kansas State 52, Miami 13

  • Hindsight: Not even K-State's players saw this lopsided result coming. Still, what domination from K-State. I was high on the Wildcats before this, but after? Man. Miami's defensive line isn't all that different from the majority of the rest of the Big 12. Can the Wildcats keep up this kind of domination on the O-line?

My pick: Iowa 31, Iowa State 30

Actual score: Iowa State 9, Iowa 6

  • Hindsight: Neither of these two teams have changed all that much from a year ago, but last year's 85-point, triple-overtime thriller was a little different from this muckfest. Either way, when the dust cleared from this ugly game, the Cy-Hawk trophy was headed back to Ames for a second consecutive year.

My pick: Kansas 38, Rice 20

Actual score: Rice 25, Kansas 24

  • Hindsight: Didn't think I'd see a Big 12 team lose to Rice this year. Inexcusable for the Jayhawks, but this was one of three misses for me this week. Rough one.

My pick: TCU 59, Grambling State 13

Actual score: TCU 56, Grambling State 0

  • Hindsight: TCU took care of business against the FCS squad. Well done.

My pick: Texas Tech 37, Texas State 24

Actual score: Texas Tech 58, Texas State 10

  • Hindsight: So much for upset alert. I thought Texas State would make this one a game. Texas Tech played a fantastic game and made Texas State look like a school playing its first season as an FBS member.

My pick: Oklahoma 58, Florida A&M 3

Actual score: Oklahoma 69, Florida A&M 13

  • Hindsight: Everyone thought it would get ugly. It did. Moving on...

My pick: Texas 41, New Mexico 13

Actual score: Texas 45, New Mexico 0

  • Hindsight: Texas' defense finally showcased its ability. Not much else to learn from this rout.

My pick: Oklahoma State 44, Arizona 21

Actual score: Arizona 59, Oklahoma State 38

  • Hindsight: By far my biggest whiff of the week. Felt pretty confident about the Pokes and thought they'd roll a young Arizona squad. Penalties and turnovers assured they would not. Have to be impressed with Rich Rodriguez so far.

Gonna go ahead and give myself an F for this week's picks. Better luck next week.