Quote of the week: OSU's Mike Gundy

Oklahoma State defensive end Cooper Bassett wasn't too pleased on Monday after last week's loss to Arizona.

The intensity of the Cowboys practices weren't up to par, he told The Oklahoman.

"I hate to admit it, but the last few weeks we may have got too lackadaisical in practice," Bassett said.

His coach, Mike Gundy, called the recent workouts "good, not great," but added the heat may have contributed to the problem. What did Gundy think about Bassett's assessment? He could only chuckle.

"Cooper is not maybe the best barometer for that because he's like the guy that keeps running through the wall and he can't get through and then he collapses and dies and the wall's still there," Gundy said. "That;s what he’s going to do. So that's what he compares everything to, which is awesome."

Also awesome: Gundy's quip. Love it.