Chat: Big 12's best, TCU a top program?

Thanks for coming by today's chat. It was an active one. Here's the full transcript.

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Time for some highlights:

go pokes (colorado): we didn't get to see the osu/zona game out here....how bad is the defense and can it actually be fixed in time to play texas.

David Ubben: The personnel is there, though I have my doubts about the defensive line. The penalties hurt them big time, and not getting a turnover hurts, too. It's too early to write anything off, especially with the kind of talent OSU has in the secondary and in the linebacking spots.

Mason Bailey (Annapolis, MD): Realistically, what should West Virginia's goal be? BCS Game? National Championship? Also, what do you think the "trap" game for them is? Is is Texas Tech if we come off a big win in Austin? Is it K State or TCU right before what could be a top 5 matchup in Morgantown? My goal: National Championship.

David Ubben: Well, a national title is definitely in play, but I'd say a more realistic goal will be a Big 12 title. As for trap games, yes Texas Tech is one, but so is Iowa State in Ames on Thanksgiving weekend. The truth, though? Just about e very game is a trap game. You saw the way WVY played late last season and got blown out by Syracuse. Anybody in this league can beat WVU. The Mountaineers have to come to play.

Kyle (Ames): Two Cyclone Questions: Where do you put the odds of Iowa State making a bowl game after beating Iowa? Where do you rank Iowa State's defense in the conference after they held two good teams to 13 points in 7 quarters?

David Ubben: ISU could definitely finish in the top half of the Big 12 defensively, thought I still think the odds are against it. For now, I'd probably give ISU about a 35-40 percent chance of making a bowl.

Kyle (Kansas City): Are the Cyclones the most feared team on the remaining Big 12 schedule?

David Ubben: In some ways, sure. You don't really impress anybody by beating ISU, but there's absolutely no doubt that the Clones can go toe-to-toe with anybody in the league, and beat anybody anywhere.

Bob Bowlsby (Big 12 Country): Certain power ratings have come out recently that show the Big 12 is the top conference in the nation. Do you agree, David?

David Ubben: Top to bottom, yes.

CycloneLunchLinks (Iowa): David, after your comments about the weak OOC schedules in the Big 12 this year, please explain why ISU is only 9th in your Power Rankings after scheduling, and WINNING, games with Tulsa and at Iowa.

David Ubben: Hey, I respect the wins, but you can't deny that they've won ugly in those games. If you're looking strictly wins and losses, yes, ISU has the best resume of anybody in the Big 12. That said, you're crazy if you don't consider how well some of the league's other teams have played against lesser competition.

The Smoke Monster (The Island): Who's had the most impressive first 2 weeks?

David Ubben: Tough question, because some of the teams didn't play in Week 2. WVU and Baylor had the best performances of Week 1, and then sat out last week. Iowa State has the best wins, but looked awful for stretches against Iowa and trailed early on against Tulsa. Am I allowed to still say West Virginia?

Optimus Klein (The Little Apple): There are lots of questions surrounding Texas' offense, but do you think Texas' defense is really that rugged? Or will they fall flat on their face, be forced into a shootout, and get torched at some point during conference play (let's say WVU)?

David Ubben: I'm still buying Texas. This is the Big 12. A team or two may still beat Texas for 40 points, but the Longhorns are still the best defense in the Big 12. Over the course of a 12-game season, they'll prove it.

42 Phil (DFW): David, why is it that nobody can understand TCU is a top 3 program over the last decade?

David Ubben: Because we don't know. TCU's wins are impressive, but you can't just take total wins and say, 'Well, that settles it." I would have loved to see TCU get a shot at the national title in 2010. They might have won. That said, going undefeated in the SEC, Big 12, Pac-12 or Big Ten is way, way more impressive than doing it in a non-BCS league. You're in denial if you don't think so. The annual success has been impressive, but a lot of programs could have done what TCU did over the past decade in the same circumstance.

Josh (San Antonio): Did your arm get tired inteviewing Optimus Klein?

David Ubben: Haha, the man is tall, folks. And yeah, maybe a little bit.

thebigdroot (DTG's Closet- It's roomy): I seen where they where giving you credit for the Optimus Klein nickname. Please tell me you will give credit to your followers and not claim it as your own.

David Ubben: I tweeted about this on Sunday. Apparently the Big 12 tweeted that I came up with the nickname. I didn't. It's been around since last season, but I don't know where it officially started. I've heard literally like 4-5 different origins in the past week. I do know the Billsnyder Kleinsdale started in my Mailbag, or at least that's where I saw it first. I might like that one even more than Optimus.

chandler13th (This is for you, Paula): When are you going to stop picking on Tech?

David Ubben: Chill out, Tech fans. I heard plenty of complaining in the past week or so about how I "hate" Texas Tech. The Red Raiders won five games last year. You want respect? Earn it. So far so good this year. We'll see how the season goes.