Big 12 game picks rewind: Week 4

In this space each week, we'll rehash the previous week's game predictions. It could be ugly some weeks, others could be quite sweet on my end.

Either way, we'll examine the carnage every week. This week, it was more of the former.

Here's how I did in Week 4:

Record: 3-2

My pick: Baylor 41, Louisiana-Monroe 28

Actual score: Baylor 47, Louisiana-Monroe 42

  • Hindsight: The Warhawks scored a garbage-time touchdown, but once again, Baylor needed a charge after a slow start. It trailed by two touchdowns, which I really didn't expect. The two-quarterback scheme caught the Bears by surprise, and I was surprised Monroe didn't use it again in the second half. Still, Baylor's offense was too much for Monroe, as expected.

My pick: West Virginia 55, Maryland 17

Actual score: West Virginia 31, Maryland 21

  • Hindsight: Shawne Alston didn't play, which wasn't expected by most outside the program. The lack of a running game really hurt the offense, but Geno Smith's numbers were pretty good. I also underestimated Stefon Diggs. The Maryland true freshman really impressed me a lot.

My pick: TCU 44, Virginia 20

Actual score: TCU 27, Virginia 7

  • Hindsight: Red zone mistakes poked their head out again, and the running game wasn't very good for the Frogs. However, I've underestimated this Frogs defense big time. The depth will be tested against better defenses, but, man, the Frogs are ballin' through three games. Really impressive stuff against OK competition, giving up just one TD this year

My pick: Kansas 28, Northern Illinois 27

Actual score: Northern Illinois 30, Kansas 23

  • Hindsight: I was feeling pretty good about my upset special of the week when the Jayhawks, underdogs by a touchdown at least, took a 23-13 lead on a pick-six early in the fourth quarter. Nope. KU got outplayed by a decent Northern Illinois team that didn't do much to wow me. KU? Well, I did find myself saying, "Wow" a lot in reference to the Jayhawks.

My pick: Oklahoma 37, Kansas State 31

Actual score: Kansas State 24, Oklahoma 19

  • Hindsight: This was the toughest pick of the week, and I figured if I got it wrong, it'd be for underestimating Oklahoma's prowess at home. I knew K-State could win this game, but had a lot of faith in the Sooners to take care of business, even though Bill Snyder would get another close call in Norman. Nope. I was wrong.

Not a very good grade for me this week. I'll say a C- at best. What would you grade me?