Chat: Tech respect, Lunt, Pachall, UT

Thanks for all of the questions during today's chat. It was a lively one, as the in-season chats always are. Here's the full transcript.

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Let's take a look at some highlights:

James Gomez (Fort Worth,Texas): Why aren't the Frogs getting the Repect they deserve from the media coming from a so so conference into the Big 12 now Beating Big 12 opponents?

David Ubben: Nobody in the Big 12 besides Kansas State "deserves" anything just yet. Let conference play happen. The contenders will separate from the pretenders. Nobody's played anybody legitimate out of conference.

Kevin (Dallas): If Tech wins in convincing fashion Sat in Ames, where would you put their ceiling as far as wins at the end of the reg season?

David Ubben: That would be really, really interesting. If Tech goes in and embarrasses ISU, I'd probably wonder if the Red Raiders were a 9-10 team and ready to surprise some folks. Still, that's a big if, and even if it happens, ISU isn't the norm of what Tech will see in league play. It still gets much more difficult.

David "Optimus" Jantz (Dallas, TX): Do you really think that Tech is the #8 team in the Big 12?

David Ubben: I think the difference between No. 1 and No. 9 is as small as it's probably ever been in this league.

Seth Doege (The LBK): I saw you gave the Heisman mention to Pachall instead of me this morning, besides leading the team to it's strongest start in the last 4 seasons, what's a guy have to do to get the love?

David Ubben: Play somebody ... and beat them. Virginia's an OK team. Kansas is at least a conference game and an improved defense. It'll get tougher for both teams, but if Doege keeps this production up and Tech wins games, his recognition will come.

Thomas (San Diego): Dave,You really seem to believe in TCU. Why do you prop them up over Tech? Their level of competition has been pretty much the same, maybe not conference-wise but in achievements this season their opponents are all basically the value of FCS teams. I only get to watch games on Sunday bc of duty, but having watched almost all of both teams games, why can't you give the Red Raiders the same love for playing bad teams (and doing so better, statically) ?

David Ubben: I don't really "believe" in anyone just yet. That's life when you play awful teams out of conference. We don't really know anything about anyone just yet. You're kidding yourself if you think TCU and Texas Tech have played comparable schedules so far. The Frogs have lost a lot, but this is the same team that won 11 games last year. Texas Tech brings back a lot, too, but even with the injuries, five wins is five wins. Tech's got to earn some respect back. It lost at home last year by 60 points! 60!

James (San Antonio): First off, can you believe how badly my Packers got robbed last night? Do you think Ok St possibly using 2 QB's is a bad idea? I've heard Lunt may take some snaps but I don't think that's smart

David Ubben: Terrible idea. I like getting Walsh a package that you use in some select spots, but one guy has to have this team. I think it's Walsh for the next week or two, and then Lunt takes over again when he's 100 percent healthy.

Chris Sunny South AL [via mobile]: Ubbs what does Iowa St do on offense that is going to be a big problem for the Texas Tech Defense?

David Ubben: Well, ISU has been pretty balanced, but Tech is vastly improved up front. This is not the same defense that gave up about 700 yards a game on the ground last year. We'll see just how good they really are, but I think ISU will try to pound a little bit and run plenty of misdirection out of the zone read. Nothing too foreign for Steele Jantz.