Not much sun for Stillwater's Big 12 opener

STILLWATER, Okla. -- It's a whole new era in Stillwater, and in advance of the biggest game of the season to date, Boone Pickens Stadium is showing it.

The biggest new addition to the stadium? A big, bright orange banner in the east end zone commemorating Oklahoma State as the 2011 Big 12 champion.

You (and plenty of recruits) will get a reminder everytime anybody scores or kicks an extra point on that side of the field, too. Cool look for the Pokes.

Tonight's primetime showdown in Stillwater should be a fun one. The rain from Oklahoma City hasn't made it north to Stillwater yet, but there is thick cloud cover in some threatening skies. Not much sun in Stillwater today, but rain isn't expected to come.

There's only a 10 percent chance of rain today after kickoff, and only a 20 percent chance leading up to kickoff. No worries that Oklahoma State's high-flying offense could be grounded by slippery hands.

Texas' defense will get its toughest test of the season tonight, but can Oklahoma State's defense answer questions about its ability to stop the run? It was gashed by Arizona in a 59-38 loss earlier this season, but the Longhorns will bring a power attack, instead of the Wildcats' zone-read scheme.

It's a big task ahead of the Cowboys' front seven, and that matchup might well decide the game. Keep it parked here for plenty more coverage of the Big 12 throughout the night, and I'll be offering live commentary on Twitter as well. Follow along here.

Buckle up. Should be a fun night with three games on tap.