Chat: Red River, Tech, WVU, Pachall

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Zach Moseley (Lubbock, TX): My man David! I'm a Red Raider student (I know frustrating for a few seasons). Tech looked pretty bad Saturday. What happened against OU? And do you see them making a bowl?

David Ubben: Oklahoma's defense might be really, really underrated. They've been as impressive as anyone to this point. That's the biggest thing for me, along with a disappointing outing for Seth Doege. The battle at the bottom of the Big 12 is tough. I have Tech in my bowl projections for now, but without Casey Pachall, TCU seems like the most likely candidate to fall to 5-7. Iowa State is solid.

Dax (Charleston, SC): What is up with the Texas DB's? They seem to have lost a step.

David Ubben: They've been unimpressive, but I still think it'll even out eventually now that Texas has already played Oklahoma State and West Virginia. Baylor will put up points, too, but the Horns need to play better. No doubt the entire defense has been a disappointment, with the exception of the defensive ends.

Kevin (Dallas): Dr. Ubbenator...2 questions for you. First off I think Tech is a lot better than what they showed Sat. Do you think Tech faced OU at the worst possible time, and also do you think Tech is Facing WVU at the best possible time? Thanks

David Ubben: Interesting question, Kevin, and I think you're on to something. I'd agree. It's got trap game written all over it for WVU, and Oklahoma had a ton to prove ... and did it. I was impressed by the Sooners. Big opportunity for Texas Tech, and if they slow West Virginia's offense, there won't be many doubters anymore.

Daniel J. (Tulsa, OK): Do you think Oklahoma has a legitimate shot at a national title if they run the table? They'll have wins over 3 top 15 teams (assuming they actually win).

David Ubben: Oh, most definitely. If Oklahoma wins out, they'll be right in the mix. They lost to a good team and did it at the right time: Early. Three top five teams lost last year. Beyond Alabama, there are lots of vulnerable teams across the country and in the Big 12. Oklahoma's in it, but gave some indication that it has the horses to go all the way when it whooped Tech last week.

Josh (Tx) [via mobile]: Explain Iowa St being in the top 25.... Make any sense to you?

David Ubben: I'm not buying it. Lose to Texas Tech by double digits, and a week later you jump them and go into the top 25 for beating a TCU team that lost its best player three days before the game? Uh ... no.

Peter (Fort Worth): Whats your odds on Casey every starting another game for Frogs?

David Ubben: That's up to him now.

Bill Snyder (Manhattan, KS): I thought my team could handle the bye week, but why can't they stop being a second half team? Will it be fixed by West Virginia or do I need to enlist your motivation abilities?

David Ubben: Oh, that's a little overblown. KU pulled out all the stops and played really well in the first half. Minus a late clock issue, K-State didn't play that badly in the first half, KU just played really well. The starts against Missouri State and North Texas were much more troubling.

Currently Under No Trade Sweat [via mobile]: Which fried food would you recommend this weekend?!?

David Ubben: The fried Snickers will change your life.

Jonathan (Houston): What's up with you bashing the RRSO man???

David Ubben: Not bashing, just pointing out the facts. It's the league's best rivalry, but the perception that it's annually the Big 12's two best teams is incorrect. It hasn't been that way since 2008.

Jswaggert (Laguna Beach): Ubbs -- Retro question...Did KSU beat OU or did OU beat themselves

David Ubben: Plenty of both. Doesn't have to be one or the other. The fumble for a touchdown was a play by the K-State defense. The fumble near the end zone by Blake Bell was nothing other than a brain fart by Bell.