Kansas State gives Big 12 best BCS shot

The first BCS standings of the season have been released, and Kansas State is listed the highest of the Big 12 teams. It sits at No. 4 behind Alabama, Florida and Oregon.

If you didn't realize it by the Big 12 standings (and West Virginia's rough outing on Saturday), K-State holds the key to the Big 12 cracking the BCS title game for the first time since Texas' loss to Alabama at the end of the 2009 season.

All three teams ahead of K-State are undefeated, but Oregon still has to face USC and play in the Pac-12 championship, and Alabama and Florida would meet in the SEC title game if neither team loses before then.

Odds are in K-State's favor that winning out would equal a trip to the title game, even if Oregon doesn't lose. It'd be close by then, but the strength of the Big 12 schedule could very well push the Wildcats ahead of the Ducks.

Either way, there's a lot of football to be played, and fans ought to fret a whole lot more about their teams making it through the rest of the schedule undefeated than what the polls will look like six weeks from now.

Oklahoma isn't out of it, and really, neither is West Virginia with the Sooners and K-State still on the Mountaineers' schedule. Odds are against WVU, but as I said, there's a lot of football left to be played, and this game is unpredictable.

Kansas State is at fourth in the Harris poll and is No. 1 in the Wolfe rating but all the way down at No. 5 in the Colley Matrix. The computers aren't quite as fond of the Big 12 as they were in the past, but the league is still in decent shape.

Oklahoma is No. 6 in the Wolfe computer rating but all the way down to No. 15 in the Anderson and Hester rating.

Here's where each Big 12 team sits in the first BCS:

4. Kansas State

9. Oklahoma

13. West Virginia

17. Texas Tech

23. TCU

24. Iowa State

25. Texas

Heck of a haul for the Big 12, which puts more teams in the BCS ranking than any human poll. The Big 12 has seven teams ranked in the BCS but just five in the coaches' poll and four in the media poll.