Big 12 game picks rewind: Week 7

In this space each week, we'll rehash the previous week's game predictions. It could be ugly some weeks, others could be quite sweet on my end.

Either way, we'll examine the carnage every week. This week, it was more of the former.

Here's how I did in Week 5:

Record: 2-3

Overall: 33-10 (.767)

My pick: Kansas State 21, Iowa State 20

Actual score: Kansas State 27, Iowa State 21

  • Hindsight: Pretty much nailed this one. I figured Iowa State would be competitive for all 60 minutes and there would be some late drama. I thought it might be a little more dramatic, but this was mostly what I thought it would be.

My pick: Texas 31, Oklahoma 27

Actual score: Oklahoma 63, Texas 21

  • Hindsight: I'm not sure who was worse here, me or Texas' defense. Just horrible days for the both of us when it came to this pick. Thought this would be close and Texas would get the edge on a late mistake. Nope. Complete domination. We all whiff sometimes.

My pick: Oklahoma State 51, Kansas 21

Actual score: Oklahoma State 20, Kansas 14

  • Hindsight: Part of this was the rain, but part of it is Oklahoma State's offense being a little stubborn. The Cowboys wanted to run Joseph Randle all day, and Kansas loaded up to stop him. The Jayhawks were successful, and a late charge almost made this outcome a whole lot different. J.W. Walsh didn't make the plays to make this win a lot more comfortable.

My pick: West Virginia 42, Texas Tech 34

Actual score: Texas Tech 49, West Virginia 14

  • Hindsight: Just a complete embarrassment yet again. Not a great week for picks. I knew Texas Tech had a chance to win this one, but no way did I see a 35-point win coming.

My pick: Baylor 44, TCU 27

Actual score: TCU 49, Baylor 21

  • Hindsight: I was among those ready to give up on TCU completely, and I thought Baylor was significantly better than its ranking suggested. Nope. The Frogs are still in business and Baylor's got big, big questions.

Well, feel free to let me have it. A rough week of picks and three just complete embarrassments. Here's to doing better next week.