Chat: Tech collapse/D, DPOY, Heisman

Good chat again this week. Thanks for coming and participating, everybody. Here's the full transcript.

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Let's get to some highlights from today's chat:

MM (TX): Do you see another Tech collapse for the second half of the season like last year? I say no way, but your thoughts?

David Ubben: No, we won't see a collapse. There are still a few (or a couple) more losses in store, but this team is a lot different than last year's, and nowhere near as banged up.

Seth Doege (Lubbock): Where's my heisman love?

David Ubben: Three picks in a blowout loss to Oklahoma takes more than one big game to make up for when it comes to Heisman stock.

Britt (Lubbock): Just go ahead and do it Ubben, give Techs Defense some love.

David Ubben: Been doing it all week. A great shot to prove itself as the Big 12's best defense over the course of the season. Oklahoma's No. 1 for me right now. Iowa State No. 2. TCU No. 3. Tech No. 4. Kansas State is right there in the mix, too. Love what the Red Raiders are doing defensively.

Dave (DC): Ubbs, the RRR was a soul-crushing defeat that has me questioning whether's Mack Brown's the guy. I appreciate all he's done for the program and understand he's probably the best solution for the rest of this year, but I don't understand how he can possible justify like he did following the loss that he has no plans to retire?

David Ubben: What an unbelievable overreaction this week by the folks in Texas. Look, Texas is still young and still building with a new staff. The pieces are in place, but Texas loses one close game to WVU and gets blown out once and everybody's ready to call the rebuilding project a failure? Gimme a break. Ugly loss. If Texas continues to slide and only wins 7-8 games this year, then Mack will be feeling a little heat going into next year, but far too many generalizations have been drawn based on one awful loss.

Kevin (Dallas): A lot of people are saying it was more of what WVU did to themselves than what Tech did this weekend. You were there, what do you say to that?

David Ubben: Well, WVU wasn't sharp at all, and I do believe the wind affected the offense's heads more than the ball itself. Tech's defense was a big part of it, too. Tech covered well and didn't have many busts defensively. That's a pretty good day. It doesn't have to be one or the other. There was a lot of both. Tech played really, really well defensively.

Mickey (Disney World): David,In your opinion, what is the worst Geno could do this weekend & keep his lead in the Heisman race?

David Ubben: Hmm, well he absolutely has to win. If he makes some plays late to win it, he can get away with a lot more. That's a tough question. I'd say as long as he wins, he could complete about 50 percent of his passes and three picks and still hang on to the lead. Part of it is his lack of solid competition. Braxton Miller is great, but can he do it every week?

Korey (KC): Does Arthur Brown have a good shot a Big 12 Def player of the YR..

David Ubben: Definitely in the mix. Right now, I'm giving it to Devonte Fields. Both of Iowa State's linebackers will be right there. Texas' Jackson Jeffcoat would have been, but Alex Okafor could get in there, too. Look out for Oklahoma's Tony Jefferson and Aaron Colvin, too.

Terry (Topeka, KS): If K-State played Alabama right now, what would be the outcome?

David Ubben: Roll Tide Roll.

Ryan (Fort Worth): Do you think Chad Glasgow's "internship" at Tech last year will give TCU some insight into Tech's strengths, weaknesses, and gameplan?

David Ubben: Interesting storyline that's been pretty underreported this week, I think. Haven't seen much of anything written about it. I do think he'll have some insight into the schemes and personnel, but we'll see how much advantage it gives the Frogs.

Shaun (NJ): Is TTU trying to create a rivalry with WVU or are the unneccessarily stirring the pot?

David Ubben: I don't know what the deal is there. I don't think it's some plot. I think Cody Davis was fired up at some perceived slights, intended or not. WVU definitely plays with a lot of swagger and confidence. It's worked pretty well so far, I'd say. Can rub some people the wrong way, especially opponents and opposing fans.