Could the Pac-12 surpass the Big 12?

ESPN Stats and Info's newest Conference Power Rankings are up, and the Big 12's got a little problem on its hands.

The league is still No. 1 in the computer polls, but the human polls have officially slid the Pac-12 above the Big 12, relegating the conference to the No. 3 spot.

Here's the full chart:

ESPN Stats & Information College Football Conference Power Rankings

"The Pac-12 has the advantage in the AP Poll with three teams ranked in the AP Top 10, which is one more than the Big 12. Both conferences have four teams ranked in the AP Top 25, but the Pac-12’s teams are ranked comparatively higher than the Big 12’s," writes Sharon Katz of Stats and Info. "The Big 12 is favored by the computers with nine of its 10 teams ranked in the top 50 (out of 124) by the computers. In comparison, eight Pac-12 teams are ranked in the top 50."

The Big 12 has the edge with a 26-3 nonconference record compared to the Pac-12's 24-10 record, but the Pac-12 has played a tougher schedule and has the head-to-head advantage over the Big 12, when Arizona knocked off Oklahoma State.

The race is closer than it's been all season, but with Oregon State's rise, the Pac-12 has more contenders than most of us thought to begin the season.

Can the Big 12 answer as the season moves on?

See the full Stats and Info post for more on the two leagues, including a closer look at why the Pac-12's schedule was tougher.