Chat: Tech, Mack Brown, Big 12 rematch?

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RJ (OK): Submitting this question early...hope you answer it David: The talk for the natl. championship is that OU needs K-State to lose twice. I disagree. One K-State loss of course ensures them the conference championship over OU, but do you really believe that if K-State loses one of its remaining games that OU won't pass them in the BCS rankings? That would leave Oregon as the only roadblock for OU that i see (Notre Dame's a roadblock, but we play them).

David Ubben: It's kind of silly, but I think you might be right. Losing early always helps you, but the pollsters can't be counted on to leave K-State ahead of Oklahoma. I always will, barring something crazy, but if K-State loses, depending on the loss, it's entirely possible that OU jumps K-State in the BCS rankings with just one loss. They would share the Big 12 title, but Oklahoma might go to the BCS as the Big 12's representative.

Skyler (Dallas): If Texas Tech manages the upset this weekend what are their chances of being big 12 champions and receiving a BCS bowl bid?

David Ubben: Well, sliding past OU would be a tall, tall order. The Sooners are playing inspired ball. Tech could definitely be in a spot to share the Big 12 title, but getting to the BCS would be really, really difficult.

Dave (DC): If Texas loses 3 of it's last five -- say TT, TCU, and KSU -- is Mack's job safe? Would Texas fans still be "overreacting?"

David Ubben: Nope. He doesn't deserve to lose his job this year, but there will be tons and tons of pressure next year if that happens. It's possible, but you can't grill the man on games that haven't happened yet. All things considered, Texas has two losses to teams that are better than they are. What a disappointment!

Matt (Dallas): If Wes Lunt can't go at QB for Oklahoma State, they'll have to rely on Clint Chelf, an upper-classman who has been passed over for the starting job. What do we know about him? Can he run the offense and was only passed over to build for the future or, should we expect the offense to take a step back vs TCU?

David Ubben: I like what Chelf was able to do last year as a backup, but he's not blessed with the physical attributes that Wes Lunt has. He can run the offense, but combined with his lack of experience this year and the way he let two freshmen pass him up on the depth chart, you have to think the offense will take a step back. OSU can win with him, but it's going to be tougher.

Michael (Kansas): What are the chances that KSU runs the table if they win this weekend against Tech? Also do you think that they must finish undefeated for Klein to win the Heisman?

David Ubben: Very, very good. And yes. I'd say K-State has a 30-40 percent chance to run the table if it wins this weekend. If it loses, though, it's going to be hard for Klein to win.

Shaun (NJ): After yet another obismal performance on defense against KSU, do you ever see Dana Holgorsen making a defensive coordinator change?

David Ubben: Maybe, but I think it's crazy to pull the rug out from under DeForest this early. It's a new league with unfamiliar personnel and offenses unlike anything these players saw in the Big East. What'd you expect? It's been ugly. It's not acceptable. But DeForest deserves plenty more time.

Dave WVU '93 (Mason, OH): David,Aside from the egg laid by my Mountaineers, did you enjoy your trip to Mo'town?

David Ubben: I did. Always love going there. It's so different from anything else in the Big 12, and the surrounding areas are gorgeous. The last time I went to Morgantown, I didn't really get to explore Pittsburgh, so I did that Friday night before driving down to Morgantown. Sadly, my trip was pepperoni roll-less. Gotta fix that next time.

Wayne (Charleston, WV): Do you think Joe DeForest is catching a little more heat than he should for WVU's defensive performance or is it well deserved in your opinion?

David Ubben: Well, no, the heat is deserved, but talk about him losing his job wasn't. Bottom line: This wasn't a situation where great defensive success looked likely. I wrote about that a lot this offseason. It's been worse than I thought it would be, but come on, he's been behind the eight ball all year long. Give the scheme time to catch on.

Lex Tricity (Lubbock, TX): what do you see in the future for Texas Tech? Do you think Tuberville will bail out for a better gig?

David Ubben: The way Tuberville has recruited, the future is definitely bright. The time is right for this job and Tuberville. Would the right money and right opportunity lure him away? It's possible. I don't buy that Tuberville is looking to leave, though. He seems to be enjoying his time.

Dustin (Wichita, KS): Crazy possibility here: Florida loses this weekend to GA, Alabama beats LSU but loses to Florida in the SEC Championship. Oregon beats Oregon St. but loses to USC in the PAC 12 Championship. Who is the best 1-loss team to face K-State in NCG?? OU? If the SEC can do it, why can't the big 12?

David Ubben: It's plausible. That's a lot of things that have to fall the Big 12's way.

Ralph (Albuquerque): Are you truly buying all the Tech hype? It seems like to me they win a good game verse WVU and a sloppy one vs TCU and they are all of the sudden the best team in the Big 12 (slight exaggeration) Thoughts?

David Ubben: They're the third-best team in the Big 12. Who else has a case there? Nobody. Clearly OU is better. We'll find out about K-State this weekend. It's not hype. Tech has won its way to this point.