SEC's lead over the Big 12 grows

There's not much movement in this week's ESPN Stats and Info Conference rankings, but the SEC continues to distance itself from the rest of the conferences.

It's now opened up a 10-point lead over the Big 12, which is just three points ahead of the Pac-12. Here are the full rankings this week.

ESPN Stats & Information College Football Conference Power Rankings

The problem?

Here's what Stats and Info's Sharon Katz had to say:

In the Big 12, Oklahoma and Texas Tech lost to higher-ranked opponents, resulting in every team but Kansas State having at least two losses this season. In comparison, five of the SEC’s 14 teams have fewer than two losses.

In recent weeks the top of the Big 12 has shown weaknesses as Texas nearly lost to two teams that are a combined 0-9 in conference games, and West Virginia showed significant defensive weaknesses in its two losses.

That's pretty simple. You're seeing the Big 12 beat each other up this year, and only Kansas State left unscathed.