Chat: OU/Texas QBs, BCS, OSU, ISU

Thanks for all the questions today. Here's the full transcript. Always enjoy chatting with you folks.

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Jacob England (Ames): With Jake Knott out, will Iowa State be able to maintain the "toughness" they have on defense?

David Ubben: Yeah, I think so. Knott is a big loss, but Wally Burnham's instilled that toughness across the unit. Knott was the toughest guy on the defense, but you've got to think his teammates will want to play well for him this weekend. He was a leader for that team, and you know he'll be on the sidelines, too.

Bill (Atlanta): David, ND's Golsen was the difference in the game Saturday with OU. Yet it looks like OU doesn't think the mobile dual threat QB is a good fit in their system. Because of OU's system, I don't think Golsen wouldn even see the field if he was a Sooner. I use Kendall Thompson as my example. Does that speak poorly of OU's QB philosophy?

David Ubben: I'd say winning eight Big 12 titles with seven different quarterbacks says all you need to know about Oklahoma's QB philosophy. Please.

Optimus Klein (The sunflower state): I haven't thrown a pick or fumbled the ball since Week 3. Am I due for one? Also, who will be my biggest test out of the 4 teams left this season? If we beat all 4, do we go to the NCG?

David Ubben: Not necessarily. Klein's ball security is impeccable. Every time he runs, he's got it high and tight, with four-point security. It isn't jarred loose much and he delivers punishment more than he takes it. He also hasn't thrown many balls in traffic. Klein's patient and it shows. He might turn it over, but the lack of turnovers is no fluke. As for your second question, it's easily this weekend's matchup against OSU.

Lee (Houston, TX): Oklahoma State's next four games are tough, which games do they challenge for an upset if any at all?

David Ubben: Well, I don't think any of them would be a massive upset. OSU is good enough to beat all those teams, but the question is whether or not it will play well enough to beat them. I don't think OSU wins this week, but no reason they can't beat Tech or West Virginia. Oklahoma will be tough, but the Sooners aren't untouchable. Clearly.

Bill From the Hill (Manhappenin): Is it safe to say "I told you so!" now that KSU has shown that they are a legitimate contender after all the smack talk about how KSU was lucky to win as many games as they did in 2011 by 7 pts or less.

David Ubben: Hey, I was on board this year. Not to this level, but I said they won a lot of those games and this year, they might be good enough to not have to worry about winning close games. I never thought K-State could be 8-0, but here they are.

Floyd (Texas): Would you have started Case McCoy over David Ash against TTU? Why or why not?

David Ubben: Absolutely not. Mack Brown made the right move for the right reasons this week. David Ash's body of work this season earns him a chance to retain his starting spot, despite McCoy's heroics last week.

Nate (the Little Apple): Oregon is ranked number 4 because, though impressive, haven't played anyone yet. How has Alabama escaped this fate (don't use Michigan, please) and why haven't the Wildcats, who have impressive wins, a tough strength of schedule, and who lead the nation according to the UPS Team Efficiency Index, surpass them at this point?

David Ubben: Well, being the defending national champions helps. I agree that Alabama's schedule is pretty weak thus far (LSU changes that a bit this week), but the Tide have just demolished everyone they've played this season. Even K-State had a tough time with Iowa State and Oklahoma.

Coach Snyder (My House in My Town off of My Highway): Who should I hand pick as my eventual predecessor? I know I have a couple more years in me, but can I coach this team from the Grave?

David Ubben: Snyder opened up a bit this week about what he wants. He'll be recommending his son, Sean Snyder. Those kinds of handoffs rarely work well, but Snyder said his son understands the needs of the program and the inner workings better than anyone. It'll be interesting to see if we get to find out.

David (Kansas City): I've heard the term "style points" thrown around this week, much like the "eyeball test" last season. It still sounds like a term to back up subjective views on which team is best by media standards. If KSU is lacking style points, could you please give some detail as to what you would need to see form them?

David Ubben: That's the thing. K-State isn't lacking style points at all. They've blown the heck out of two pretty good teams the past couple weeks, WVU and Tech.

Nick Saban (down in the by-you): Why do they call KSU's style of play "boring", when it is the exact same style that all the teams in the SEC play? I mean, everyone knows the love affair the media has for the SEC...

David Ubben: Well, offensively, it's not really what SEC teams play. You see a lot more pro style offense in the SEC. K-State's system centers around the QB running. It's defense is good, but doesn't have the freaks you'd find in the SEC at times. Big bodies with scary speed. Mostly, K-State gets that "boring" label because they're not as fast or flashy as the offenses in the Big 12.