Chat: Bowl projections, BCS snub, Heisman

Thanks for all the questions this week. Here's the full transcript of our chat this afternoon.

Got more to say? Shoot it to my mailbag and you may see it here later this week. Let's get to the highlights.

Joe Mayo (Boulder, CO): Obviously if KSU and OU both win this weekend, KSU would go to the Fiesta Bowl and OU would probably go to the Sugar. If OU would win and KSU would lose, would KSU have a shot at the Sugar? If not, why wouldn't they as a 10-2 team?

David Ubben: I don't think so. That's asking a lot. It's impossible if Kent State wins. But K-State would be pretty undesirable at that point. They'd be coming off two uninspired losses in three weeks to end the season and wouldn't have any share of the Big 12 title. 10-2 would be a great record, but they would likely fall all the way back to the Alamo Bowl.

Pete (Missouri): Shouldn't Johnny Manziel's arrest influence Heisman voters? If it doesn't, where is the moral compass in College Football. Klein and Te'o are much more deserving!!

David Ubben: This argument is so dumb. First off, Manziel's arrest was for two misdemeanors, the worst of which was disorderly conduct. Cam Newton had a more serious past, and nobody cared, or at least not folks digging for reasons why he shouldn't win the Heisman. If Manziel was under investigation for sexual assault or some violent crime, then fine. I think that matters. But some idiotic, alcohol-fueled fight back in June, and getting caught with a fake ID? Please.

Mark (Springfield, MO): Do you think Collin Klein has a chance to win the Heisman by having a stellar game against Texas?

David Ubben: He's still alive. Getting the last word helps. He's going to need something Herculean (300 passing yards, 150 rushing yards, 5 TDs) to really even make it interesting, but it's not over until it's over. None of the other candidates have any games left. That helps Klein.

Nick (Iowa): What bowl will ISU go to? Who will they play and will they win?

David Ubben: Depends on what happens at the top of the league. If the Big 12 does indeed get two BCS teams, Iowa State should end up in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, which I like to refer to as the Zombie Cotton Bowl. If not, Iowa State will have to go to a bowl without a Big 12 tie, because the league only has eight tie-ins. Could be anywhere. Independence Bowl again?

Marty (Manhattan ): Who are you endorsing for Big Xll COY? Gotta be Snyder right? RIGHT?!?!?!

David Ubben: Most likely. If he loses this week, I may have to think about Gundy or Patterson.

Art Briles (Waco): Odds that I leave Waco for "greener" pastures?

David Ubben: You can never say never when it comes to this kind of things, but Briles believes he can do big things at Baylor, and I'd expect him to want to be around when the Bears open their new stadium in 2014.

Troy and Abed (In the Morning): Which Big 12 teams will begin the 2013 season with the same starting QB who finished 2012?

David Ubben: Iowa State with Richardson. Texas with Ash. I think that may be it. I expect OSU to go back to Lunt. Pachall may return to TCU. It's Heaps' time at KU. Geno's gone at WVU and Michael Brewer and Blake Bell should take over at Tech and OU.

BB (Manhattan): Where do you see Arthur Brown being selected in the draft?

David Ubben: He's a little undersized, so I could see him falling to the second or third round. Still, with his IQ and speed, he's going to be very hard to turn down in the first down. We'll see more at the combine. His game tape won't lie. He's a stud.