Chat: Gundy fears, titles, WVU hype

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Mike (Gundy): If you were me, would you stay?

David Ubben: Absolutely. Program is in place. He's home. He's got lots of capital built up from winning, so his job security is solid. Why leave for anywhere, let alone Arkansas.

OSU Fans (Freaking Out): Do we have a right to be upset that MG is even entertaining these offers? Didn't he get the big contract he rightly deserved last year? OSU stuck by him during some rough early seasons, and rewarded him for his success. Why mess a good thing up?

David Ubben: Yes and no, I suppose. Yes, because it's unnecessary headaches, but no because Gundy's earned a pretty long leash in this gig. Every indication I've gotten is the central conflict in this whole deal traces back to more control over scheduling. Mike Holder wants big games like next year vs. Mississippi State in Houston. Gundy would like an easier slate, and one at home.

TTU (Lubbock): David you have made a big deal of the shared conference title. Do you not think that the B12 is trying to protect its NCG chances with this rule? In the scenario that OU beats ND this year they would be 11-1 and ranked ahead of KSU, very possibly #2; there would be backlash in the BCS "beauty contest" - OU didn't win their conference, how can they play in the NCG?Do you think that OU at 11-1 in this scenario, and ranked above KSU, would be playing in the NCG if KSU was conference champs?

David Ubben: No, that sounds pretty silly. Shared title or not, everyone knows the real winner of the league. I highly doubt anybody would credit OU for winning a share of its league with a team that beat it on its home field.

Jordan (Austin): Do you feel kind of silly after all the undeserved hype you gave West Virginia at the beginning of the season? It's okay, you can tell me? no judgment.

David Ubben: Haha, no, not really. Offense will take you a long way in this league. Baylor's offense was just as bad as I expected WVU's to be, but the Bears won 10 games. The difference? RG3 was more consistent and the Bears ran the ball a lot better than a mostly one-dimensional WVU team. WVU was overrated in the regular season, but the trio we based that on was as good as advertised. Everyone around them just wasn't. We were definitely wrong about WVU, but no need to feel silly.

Cowboy-KS (Great Plains ): So now that everyone (mostly non-OState fans) have gotten the ChooChoo Chelf out of their system, who do you think trots out as starting QB vs. the mighty Boilermakers in the Heart of Dallas for Bold Social Change Bowl?

David Ubben: My bet is still on Chelf, followed by a pretty heated QB competition in the spring, won solidly by a more mature Wes Lunt, who improves his decision-making.

Mozart (The other Virginia): How do you see the Big12 handling the bowl season? Good, bad, nondescript?

David Ubben: Should do well. A lot of toss-ups. Tough matchups for OU and K-State. I'd say somewhere between 5-4 and 7-2. I'll have official projections as the games get closer.

Mr. French (Waco): Will Mack Brown continue to sabotage the Longhorns with his pathetic QB shuffle next year or will UT finally get a clue and demand his job? As a Baylor fan I hope for the former.

David Ubben: Can you really blame Mack Brown? It's not like any of these QB switches were bad decisions. David Ash didn't play well. The Horns needed a spark. It worked in both situations. Texas beat Kansas and had a chance to beat TCU. McCoy provided the spark. That doesn't happen if he sticks with Ash. He needs Ash to mature into a better passer if the Horns are going to truly regain control of the Big 12

Gary (Patterson) [via mobile]: What's the biggest lesson I learned this year that needs to be applied to next season? Predictions for next season?

David Ubben: Interesting question. I'd probably say it's clear that you need an experienced, accurate passer to have a good enough offense to win big. TCU is a 10-win team next year, with or without Pachall. TCU was gutsy, but Boykin just wasn't a good enough decision-maker or accurate enough to make TCU's offense a real threat against a decent D.

Stephen (Houston): Did this year's football season prove that there is Big 12 life at Baylor post RGIII?

David Ubben: Yes, but I'd say more people around the Big 12 knew there would be than those who were skeptical. Future is bright. Bryce Petty might be even better than Nick Florence, and Lache Seastrunk is becoming the player most thought he would be.

Clinton (In a van down by the river): A lot of early talk is about TCU and Oklahoma State as the teams with the best chance to win the conference next year. With the surge Baylor has had, are they a legit dark horse? And if not, what would they need to do to prove it?

David Ubben: Interesting question. Maybe. I'm still not sold on Baylor's offense. You can't win a league title unless you can play defense. There will be questions around Petty for sure, but I'm way more concerned about the defense. Prove that to me.