No Senior Bowl for Collin Klein?

Colleague Adam Schefter shared some surprising news on Sunday about the man who finished third in the Heisman voting.

Despite the fact that Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein was invited to New York as one of three Heisman finalists, he is not expected to receive a Senior Bowl invite, according to one league source.

The reason the Senior Bowl is expected to pass on Klein are some of the same reasons he is not expected to be a high draft pick. Scouts are concerned about his throwing motion and passing abilities, even though he was good enough to elevate an entire football program and enable it to compete for a national championship.

Just a one-word response to that.

... Really?

I get that Klein likely won't be a quarterback at the next level, but is no one curious to see what Klein, a great athlete with experience at receiver, can do at that position or at tight end? Or even give the guy a shot at quarterback?

Klein's proved his toughness. He's a smart guy you'd love to have in the locker room.

That's not even enough to convince folks to give him a look? Insanity.