Collin Klein deserve a Senior Bowl spot?

We talked a bit about this on Monday, but the folks at SportsNation have heard from plenty of others on both sides of the debate.

Colleague Adam Schefter broke the news that Heisman finalist Collin Klein likely would not receive an invitation to the Senior Bowl, a postseason showcase for NFL scouts before the NFL Combine and NFL draft.

You can see more responses that here.

Some samples:


  • kpuitz: Wait a second. Tim Tebow was given a chance to hone his QB skills at the Senior Bowl and his throwing mechanics were much worse than Klein's. I am a Gator fan and I call shenanigans on this.

  • JtruzmaH: Kind of a slap in the face to Klein. He deserves to be there.

  • SoonerKeith7: The folks behind the Senior Bowl need to rename the game to "NFL Scouts Bowl" instead of making it sound like the players are being invited as a reward to a good four years of college football. Just call it what it is, and I think more folks would be fine with the invitation process.

  • KARNOWSKI47: That is the most insulting thing to do to a kid that has worked his tail off and proven himself week in and week out. He will still be successful no matter what happens, but that is still very insulting. Why does everybody hate K-State? What did this hard working and extremely loyal kid ever do to all these people that control college football? Pathetic.


  • rodneylama: Does anybody seriously think Klein can be a NFL QB??? Have you seen him try to throw??? I do think Klein is talented enough to be a receiving tight end or a big physical possession receiver in the NFL.

  • avasic2: On the outset it's obvious to make a case for Klein to be invited, he's a great leader and used the tools he has to dominate the college game at times. The problem here is that he isn't the runner Tebow is, Tebow is faster, runs more physically and is simply bigger than Klein. How people think he can translate into a WR is beyond me as he clearly doesn't have the explosiveness.

You can see more at that SportsNation post, but until then, cast a vote or two in our polls.