Chat: Big 12 vs. SEC, Ash critics, bowl talk

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Stephen (Houston): You posted an article in lunchlinks this morning that suggesting that the Big 12 was the best conference this year. Do you believe this, or did you just share it with us?

David Ubben: I think it's certainly closer between the SEC and the Big 12 than most people think. It's tough to compete with that top six in the SEC, but I certainly believe the Big 12 is the deepest conference. Is it the best? Depends on how you want to define the best.

IBeenBoykin (Funkytown): Assuming Casey beats me out, where does GP put me so my athletic prowess can impact games? I hear coach has a track record of moving speedy, physical offensive guys to the defensive side of the ball. With TCU's embarrassment of riches at RB and WR, is that where I'm heading?

David Ubben: No, there's a whole lot of worth in having a good, experienced backup quarterback. If I'm Patterson, that's where I keep Boykin.

RBF v100.1 (Waco): I saw you put Tech as staying even next season. They lose their QB & HC. They probably wont even make a bowl with Kingsburry never coaching a game yet.

David Ubben: I hear you, but there's plenty of reason to believe Michael Brewer will be able to do some good things. The offense will be a lot different in this respect: Seth Doege isn't a statue, but he doesn't have the wheels Michael Brewer does. Look for Kingsbury to use that. I still like Tech to reach 6-7 wins next year. Maybe more. We'll see in the spring.

Brandon (NY): Do you believe west virginia's bowl game this year will be similar to the shootout they had last year with clemson during that bowl game or will either syracuse's or west virginia's defense be able to make some stops?

David Ubben: That'll be the shootout as advertised. Don't be surprised if they combine for 90+ points. Neither one of these defenses can stop the other offenses, and both QBs can put points on the board real quick.

Nate (New New York): What does ISU need to do to finally get some respect? Can it be done during the bowl or off season, or is it an 8+ Win season next year?

David Ubben: It's definitely an 8-9 win season. Iowa State can beat anybody in this league, but it wants to be able to do it and not be a four-touchdown underdog. They're moving in the right direction, but like I wrote today, I think ultimately it comes down to upgrading skill position talent. Both lines are solid, but they don't have enough game breakers.

Aaron Temple Tx [via mobile]: Do you think they've handled the QB situation at Texas right? If Tom Brady has an off game they don't put in Bob McBackup, when they tabbed David Ash as the starter, should they have lived and died by him?

David Ubben: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just compare David Ash to Tom Brady? I'd say Brady maybe has a slight edge on Ash in capital built up. Ash basically had half a season of good play with a terrible outing against OU, and was in the process of losing a game to KU when he got benched. Then he got hurt and played poorly against TCU. It's really only one legitimate benching, but I thought Texas handled it in the right way in both cases.

Soonerfandave84 (OK): What stat line does LJ need for the Sooners to win the Cotton Bowl?350yds/3td/no more than 1 int is what im guessing, unless Bell gets a few TDs

David Ubben: I like that number, Soonerfan. I do think Oklahoma will be able to run the ball on A&M, so that may take some heat off Jones, but OU needs to take advantage of its possessions and score. The most important stat for Jones is turnovers. If he doesn't have any, OU wins. If he has one, it's a toss-up. Two or more? Game over.

Hornsfan [via mobile]: Do you think David ash is a bust? Or is there still hope

David Ubben: Oh, there's definitely still hope. He played well in spots this year. The first half of the year before the OU game was fantastic. He just has to keep that going. He'll get better as he gets older. Think about how much better he got from being a true freshman in 2011 to this year? Night and day.

Scott (Dallas): Ubben, I know it's a little old, but I didn't hear much about it after it happened, why was Tyrus Thompson not ejected from the TCU game, and more importantly why did the Big XII not suspend him afterwards? It clearly looked like at least one landed punch to the head.

David Ubben: No idea. I can understand officials not seeing the punch in real time, but after looking at it on tape, I don't understand how he can come back and play in the bowl game. Bob Stoops said he would be available. Big 12 offered no punishment. Terrible.