It's official: Casey Pachall is back at TCU

Casey Pachall is back on TCU's football team, coach Gary Patterson told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He's scheduled to begin classes when the semester starts on Monday and will return to the team after being arrested for a DUI in early October.

Pachall spent time at a drug and alcohol treatment facility after leaving the team -- a decision Patterson said was ultimately Pachall's -- and Patterson made it clear that the door for Pachall to return was open if he met all the requirements and completed the program.

"He finished all of his in-patient work and has been in out-patient work up until Friday," Patterson told the paper. "He did everything we wanted him to do."

The team is scheduled to meet on Sunday, the paper reported, and Pachall would be attending. Patterson noted that he didn't know if Pachall would be the team's starting quarterback, but that he hadn't thrown a football or lifted weights in "several months."

"He met with Campus Life and one of the reasons I feel so good about this is because they feel so good about it. They feel very comfortable with it," Patterson told the paper.

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It's obviously huge news for TCU. We'll see how Pachall looks this spring and if he can stay on track as his life gets back to normal with a lot of eyes on him and a sponsor in his life.

And that's without even talking about his on-field exploits. Is he the same quarterback? Can he win his job back? Lots of questions for TCU in the spring, but one thing is for sure: It got a huge talent upgrade and this news gives the Frogs a big opportunity to make noise on the national stage next season. Can Pachall make it happen?