A closer look at Big 12 officials' reviews

Every year, we examine what happened with the official replay reviews across the Big 12. How did it look this year?

Games: 68

That number is up from 66 a year ago, but trimming from 12 teams to 10 has had the teams well under 80 games, something that had not been done since 78 games were played in 2005.

Plays reviewed: 133

That's down from 142 a year ago, despite officiating two more games. Interesting number.

Plays reversed: 42 (31.6 percent)

That's the exact same percentage from last season, which was up from 27.8 percent in 2010 and 18.9 percent in 2009. In 2008, 24 percent of reviewed plays were reversed. It's the highest since 2007 (32.7 percent) but the highest percentage was in the first year of replay, 2005. That season, 34.3 percent of challenges resulted in overturned plays.

Coaches' challenges: 12

Coaches challenged just nine plays last season, which was the fewest ever. Coaches are learning, though. Back in 2006, they had a quick trigger, challenging 30 plays and overturning just two. It dropped to 19 the next year, with zero overturned. The craziest year was 2008, though. Coaches challenged 22 plays and eight were overturned.

Successful coaches' challenges: 0

This year joined 2009 as the only seasons with zero plays overturned by replay because of a coach's challenge. There were four in 2010 and two last year. The Big 12 also didn't have a game with two coaches' challenges this past season.

Average review time: 1:30

This was the three seconds lower than last season, but still significantly higher than any other year from 2008-10, which never had a season where reviews took longer than an average of 1:20.