Chat: Pachall, expansion, ACC, Tubs

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Jeff (Little Elm, TX): Do you think Baylor's program is building a reputation for developing NFL talent?

David Ubben: No doubt about it. Not quite at the level of an Oklahoma or Texas from top to bottom, but the offensive line and skill talent on offense is on par with any program in the country. I mean, Terrance Williams, Josh Gordon and Kendall Wright were all on the same team at one point. Ridiculous.

Jacob (Ames, IA): With Paul Rhoads at the helm, record attendance, and relative success (from a cyclone fan's standpoint); where do you see cyclone football headed over the next 5 years?

David Ubben: Iowa State's definitely building, but the ceiling on that program is going to be pretty low (7-8 wins) until they find some consistent excellence at the quarterback position.

Benadore (Chicago): I am confused about the scheduling alliance that was talked about in the Big 12 meetings. How can this help strength of schedule when the ACC has been very weak, for a long time?

David Ubben: The idea isn't a strength of schedule. The idea is to get locked in mutually beneficial games to sell to TV networks and make more money for all involved. An ACC team is going to naturally be better, in all sports, than an FCS game or a game against any non-AQ team, even though that term is going away soon.

W (Anaheim): Collin Klein comes up 3rd in the Heisman, leads K-State to the conference championship, has a lackluster showing in the Shrine Bowl and now he's worthless at the next level. Justified conventional wisdom?

David Ubben: Klein's a great player, and I don't know that I'd call him worthless at the next level. His skill set just obviously suited the college game better. Anybody who watches both college and the NFL can clearly see that. It's hard for fans to understand sometimes, but it's just the truth.

Kevin (Dallas): I know the chances of this happening are very slim, but how great would it be if Cincy was picked up by the B12 and their first game was in The Jones?

David Ubben: Would be great for Tech and Cincy fans. Definitely awkward for Tuberville and Co. I don't think Big 12 fans as a whole care much about the Cincy program, so getting too invested in the Tuberville drama might be short-term obsession. Kind of like Arkansas' brief rivalry with Ole Miss when Houston Nutt was there.

Larry (Sulphur Springs, TX): What are the chances the Big 12 expands this year and if so who are the likely targets.

David Ubben: I don't see it happening. If the Big 12 expands, though, I'd say there's about an 85 percent chance it's a team from the ACC. Florida State has to be No. 1 on the list, but there are other viable candidates in the league if the Big 12 truly decides expansion is in its best interest, which in the current landscape, is not the case.

Juan Sanfelippe (H-Town): Why does everyone seem to hate on Pachall? The beloved Johnny Football was arrested in the summer. Not to mention Pachall isn't a complete goofball on social media. Pachall deserves his redemption. Thoughts?

David Ubben: Well, it's pretty clear that Pachall's issues are much deeper than Manziel's. Getting in a fight one time is a lot different than admitting drug use to police and then getting arrested for a DUI during the season. I don't know why people want to be so vindictive toward Pachall. They were dumb decisions. He knows that. He took steps to not do it again, and is getting the second chance he was promised. He worked for this. Now he's getting his chance. Hate him if you want. I won't be joining in.