Big shoes to fill: TCU Horned Frogs

We're moving on with a new series today looking at the players across the Big 12 who have to replace program legends. We might as well call this the Nick Florence Memorial team, but let's talk TCU.

Big shoes to fill: TCU's offensive line

Big 12 teams have a well-earned reputation for offense, but far too often, the skill position talent gets too much credit and the offensive line gets far too little. A great line can make average skill position talent look great and great skill position talent look legendary, while mediocre or poor offensive line play can make any skill position talent look average or worse. TCU will encounter one of those two next season when it loses guard Blaize Foltz and center James Fry, a pair of solid talents who must be replaced next season. Look for the Frogs to shuffle some experienced players in those slots and play some younger guys at tackle, so this category is a little jumbled, but look for senior John Wooldridge to get a shot to fill in for Foltz at guard. The 310-pounder has been a solid reserve for each of the past three seasons, and has earned a shot to start this season. Foltz's younger brother, Brady Foltz, may earn a shot to start at guard, too. He'll be a sophomore next year and was a solid contributor as a redshirt freshman a year ago. Sophomore Joey Hunt may get a look, too, and will most likely be in the rotation. TCU's defense will earn a lot of ink this offseason, and so will quarterback Casey Pachall, but don't overlook the importance of replacing Fry and Foltz. If TCU does it well, expect much of the rest of the offense to fall into place and look mighty impressive come fall.

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