The Big 12's best individual game of 2012

We finished up our countdown of the top 25 players in the Big 12 earlier today, and we'll close the day with a look at the Big 12's single best performance of any game all season long.

This was no competition. Feel free to send your complaints about the list if you must, but I quite simply won't be entertaining any on the No. 1 performance of 2012. Let's get to it.

No. 1: West Virginia WR/RB/PR/KR Tavon Austin vs. Oklahoma

Date: Nov. 17, 2012

Why it's on the list: I hate that I didn't get to see this game in person. It might be my biggest woulda/coulda/shoulda moment over the last season, but I was in Waco that night watching the No. 8 performance on this list and the biggest upset of 2012 when Baylor knocked off BCS No. 1 Kansas State in Waco. While I was there, though, anytime I looked at a back TV in the press box or checked my Twitter feed, it looked or sounded like Tavon Austin was doing something insane. Not until I watched the full game later that week did I really understand how much damage he'd done.

Austin's performance against the Sooners might be one of the single greatest performances in Big 12 history, and one could maybe make a case for it as one of the best games in NCAA history. His 572 all-purpose yards were seven short of the FBS record, but his 344 rushing yards were just four shy of the FBS record, too. He added 146 return yards and 83 receiving yards in the game, as well as a pair of rushing TDs. Oklahoma couldn't get a hold on him, and he showcased every ounce of his speed and change of direction that went unrivaled in the league this year and showed production unlike anything we've ever seen in the Big 12.

It seemed like everytime he touched the ball, he'd both make you say, "Wow!" and threaten to break loose for a big play. I haven't seen anything like Austin's performance since Vince Young's national championship-winning performance against USC back in 2005, but when you talk about the greatest single games by a player in league history, those two stand above the rest.

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