Have the Big 12 blog's best bracket?

It's time for an annual tradition on the Big 12 blog: our bracket challenge.

The Big 12 blog readers bracket challenge is always fun, until everyone gets really depressed when I run away with the title every year (or so I tell myself).

The link is here, so be sure to join the group and get your bracket picks in now. As usual, the winner receives my undying respect and a free spot in one of my mailbags for a writing/rant/post of their choice, with an edit and an official "OK" by yours truly, of course.

No complaints when you all lose and I get to post in my own mailbag, though. Promise me that. Then sign up to try and beat me.

Don't let the state of Texas -- all 21 teams worth -- getting shut out of the tournament ruin your fun as a Big 12 fan. Tune in to the tourney anyway.

See you there.